Part NEX844942


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September 6, 2014
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Part: NEX844942

Category: Wheels

Part Description

(transferred ss)swivel caster

Additional Information

For 720-0582b/0718/0718n/0773/0718a/0773/0744/0744a/0686/0670t0670a0077/0691a0670b/0670e0670c

(transferred ss)swivel caster for 720-0582b/0718/0718n/0773/0718a/0773/0744/0744a/0686/0670t0670a0077/0691a0670b/0670e0670c

This part is also known as:

720-0773-24, 36-720-0718A, 35-720-0744A, NEX844942, NEX1446381, NEX1405455, NEX1403288, 844942, 1403288, 1405455, 1446381, 05000733A0

This part fits 5 models

Kenmore: 720-0773

Members Mark: 720-0582B

Nex: 720-0718A 720-0718N 720-0744A

This part may fit other models. Please contact us if you require additional assistance.