Part CRC160602360017


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Part Description

Start assist see desc

Additional Information

Was crc160603480002. no longer available might be able to use rco810 but it wires up way differently.

This part is also known as:

1606034800001, CRC160602360017, CRC160603480001, CRC160603480002, 160602360017, CRC1606034800001, 160603480002, CRC16060348001, 160603480001, 16060348001, 160603480001,

This part fits 2271 models

Air Temp: B-101 B-101-A B-101B-D B-101C-A B-123 B-123-A B-123-B B-123B-D B-123C-A B101B-A B103B-A

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