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Install part assembly,single

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Additional Information

Install part assembly,single include right and left side curtains wh ggrw lgeus model drain pipe

For left side curtain only use 3211ar3239b. check picture for this part to confirm left side. right side not available seperately.

This part is also known as:

CRC112122300002, CRC112124470001, CRC112124470002, CRC112124490016, CRC112124490023, CRC112124490024, 112124490024, CRC112124040024, 3127A30001A, 3127A20016B, 3127A20074B, 1121244900016, 112122300002, 112124470001, 112124470002, CRC112124490015, CRC112124490002, CRC1121244900016, CRC112124490007, CRC112124490008, 112124490008, 112124490023, CRC112124490001, 112124490007, 112124490001, 112124490016, 112124490002, 3211AR3239A, 3211AR3239B, 112124490023,,, 112124490024,,, CRC112124040023, 112124040023, 112124040024, 3211AR3239BTEMP

This part fits 1272 models

Air Temp: B1Q05F2A B1Q05F2A-A B1Q05F2A-B B1Q05F2A-C B1Q05F2A-D B1Q05F2A-E B1Q05F2A-F B1Q05F2A-G B1Q05F2A-H B1Q05F2A-J B1Q05F2A-K

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