Part NEX2600


      Very thorough online store that allowed me to lookup the Weber part no. that I needed and make sure it applied to my s/n. Thanks

May 12, 2015

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Part: NEX2600

Category: Burners and Venturi

Part Description

Side burner body

Additional Information

For models 720-0011/21/26/39/47/47u/50/58/61/62/63/72/77/99/100/101/104/108/150/151/247. for (720-730) 0171. side burner body, does not include brass ring and head. part # nex2602 and nex2603

This part is also known as:

SB720-0062-LP, 46720-0061-LP, SIDEBURNERBODYNEX720-0099-NG, BS720-0011, 48720-0062-LP, C0901, BURNERSIDE720-0011, 46720010, BODY720-0039, SB720-0108, 9720-0026, 49-720-0063-LP, 44-720-0100, 48-720-0101-NG, 54-720-0150, 48-720-0151, 84-720-0171, B2602, BODYSB720-0061-LP, SBB720-0050-LP, SBB720-0062-LP, 9720-0104NG, sb720-0021, BODYSB720-0026, 2600, 2848, 720-0039-LP-62, NEX2600, NEX2848, 10000104A0

This part fits 28 models

Glen Canyon: 720-0026 720-0104-NG

Jenn Air: 720-0061 720-0061-LP 720-0062 720-0062-LP 720-0063-LP 720-0094 720-0099 720-0099-NG 720-0100

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