Part NEX2995


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December 26, 2014

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Part: NEX2995

Category: Other Parts

Part Description

Temperature gauge (heat indicator)

Additional Information

For models (720-730)0234/0697/0737, sub 22551 or 072-7310-0 temperature gauge (heat indicator)***no longer comes with gasket, is no longer needed.***

Temperature gauge (heat indicator) for (720-730)0234

This part is also known as:

HI720-0396, HI720-0234, 2720-0289, HI720-0033, B2602, HI720-0036-HD-05, HI720-0011, 2720-0396, B0003, HEAT720-0039, HEAT720-0125, HEAT720-0133, HEAT720-0140, 2720-0419, 2720-0026, 2-720-0193, 2-720-0230, 4-720-0304, 2-720-0432, TG720-0396, HEATIND720-0230, 82602, 072-7310-0, HI720-0432, HI720-0289, temp720-0536, HI720-0304, HI720-0193, HI720-0536, G3K003-001S, 2720-0104NG, TGGPL-2100, HI720-0133, HI720-0008, HI720-0586, 720-0036-HD-2, 1886, 2995, 3555, 205323, 1363349, 05000572A0, 5-720-0737, NEX192173, 192173, NEX2995, NEX205323, NEXHI720-0033, NEX1886, NEX1363349