Part MCM000010110


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October 4, 2014

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Part: MCM000010110

Category: Gliding Warming Racks with Backstop

Part Description

Chrome steel warming rack


9.25 x 19.875

Additional Information

Sunbeam 38110101

This part fits 223 models

Arkla: 3001K 3021K 353KC 4202K A30AE A30AG GA301517

Charmglow: 1303M 14287 3001K-1 304BC 422BC E305M-5 GC302517 GC305817 GC412517

Grill Master: PT430H

Spectrum: 42C44

Sunbeam: 104940 2232C 2251C 22601 22602 2260X 22611 22612 22614 2261C 22621 22622 2262C 2271C 22912 2291C 22922 22924 2321A 2340L 23524 23601 23602 23612 23614 2361L 2361X 23622 2362C 2362X 23701 2370S 23714 2371S 23812 23814 23824 3000B 3001A 3001B 3011A 301A1 301B2 301B2-1 301BL 301BL-1 301HB 3021A 3021B 3022A 302B1 302B1-1 302B3 302B3-1 302E6 302LA 3031B 3031B-1 3038A 303B3 303B3-1 303BX 304B2 304B2-1 3071B 30A01 30A01-0 30A02 30A02-0 30A02P 30A1H 30A1H-0 30A31 30A31-0 30A31P 30A32 30A3C 30B21 30B21-0 30B22 30B22-0 30B2C 30B2X 30B2X-0 30B31 30B31P 30B3E 30B3G 30XA1 30XA3 30XB2 3129-S 3169 3169-B 3169-D 3169-H 3169-X 33601 33602 3360B 33612 350BC 3669 3669-A 3669-C 3679 3679-D 3679-L 3689 3689-B 3699-9 3699-G 36YDJ9 4200A 4212C 4212C-1 4222A 4222A-1 422B5 422B7 422B7-1 422C1 422C1-1 422EL 422LE 422LE-1 4232C 4232C-1 423HC 423HC-1 4242C 4242C-1 42A21 42A21-0 42A39-0 42A3C 42A44 42A44-0 42B31 42B31-0 42B44 42B44-0 42B54 42B54-0 42C44 42C44-0 42C54 42C5C 42XB5 5362C 53822 5382A 83222 83423 83523 9003F 9351S-1 A3001 A3002 A300H A300L A3031 A3038 A303C A303CL-5 A3042 A4222 A423C B3022 B302C B302X B3031 B303E B303F B303G B303K B4222 B423E B4254 C3007 C4222 C4232 E300E8 E308M7 E308ME8 GL302517 GS302217 GS302317 GS302517 GS302557 GS302617 GS302627 GS302717 GS302817 GS412217 GS412227 GS412517 GS412627 GS412717 GS413517 GT455HP PG430H PG430HWB PT430H ST4300HWC

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