Part CRC886000220006

NI STRAINER .311/....

      Easily found what I was looking for on their site. Check out was a snap and shipment arrived in a timely manner. I am very happy.

July 13, 2014
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Part: CRC886000220006

Category: Other Parts

Part Description

Ni strainer .311/.305x1.38l. please email for price

This part is also known as:

CRC886000220006, 886000220006

This part fits 140 models

Air Temp: B2Q10F2A-AH B2Q10F2B-A B3Q08F2D-A B6D18E7A-A B6D18E7A-B B6D24E7A-A B6Q08F2A-A B6Q10F2A-A B6Q10F2A-B B7D16E2A-A B7D16E2A-B

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