This is always an interesting topic.. You’re all ready to fry up some juicy looking steaks on the BBQ, when you discover your hose has been chewed up due to one hungry animal or another trying to get the tasty fat drippings from your grill.
Repairing or replacing specific parts of your hose assembly will depend on your grill, you may want to browse our hoses and fittings section. If you are still  not sure you may always contact us for help.

A damaged LP gas hose can be easily replaced yourself:

  • Remove LP hose from your valve assembly
  • If permanently attached to the valve, you will need to remove the assembly
  • The regulator may have to be replaced if you are experiencing spurts or no gas flowing to the burners. Sometimes these can be removed independently from the hose while in other cases, the hose and regulator must be removed and replaced as one unit
  • You may want to install hose protectors which fit around the outside of your LP hose
Pressure regulators have been manufactured with bleed holes on the side. If gas is leaking out of these holes, you will need to replace your regulator. Again these can possibly be replaced separately or in combination with hose, and valve depending on your grill.

August 1st, 2010

Posted In: BBQ Maintenance