Rocks or briquettes? The fundamental difference is lava rocks need to be replaced every season or two (depending how long you use them). Briquettes, while more expensive can be turned over and reused. You can buy lava rocks or briquettes here.

Rock & Briquette Maintenance:

  • Remove the rock and rock grate they rest on

  • Lightly brush residue off with a wire brush

  • An easy way to clean briquettes on an ongoing basis is to periodically turn them upside down and cook on the opposite side, which will gradually burn off and clean the underside of the rock
  • Reinstall the rocks, make sure they are distributed evenly across the Rock Grate surface. This will help the grill cook at an overall even temperature

  • When replacing uniformly shaped briquettes, arrange the rock to have a minimum amount of space between them.
    – This will reduce the grease drippings directly onto the burner flame and help reduce flare-ups

What do I need to know about Lava rocks?

  • If your grill uses lava rocks, you should replace them every season or two
  • Lava rocks absorb grease over time and can cause flare ups if they become saturated
  • Make sure you buy a quality rock that won’t fall through the rock grate opening
  • Purchasing a high quality briquette may be better value for money, it’s important to know that briquettes do not normally need to be replaced as regularly as lava rocks do.

Heat Plates:

  • Heat Plates can also work in place of briquettes. It’s important to buy a high quality cast iron flare guard if you decide to take this route, as the cheap thin porcelain metal alternative will burn out quickly, and provide a hot and uncontrollable heat source.

September 5th, 2010

Posted In: BBQ Maintenance