Discontinued items

Learn more about what it means when items are listed as discontinued

As appliances age, and manufacturers come and go, some appliance parts are no longer manufactured. Discontinued items are outside of our control, and unfortunately we cannot source any items marked as discontinued.

  • We can no longer supply this item
  • Even if you contact us, we won't be able to help
  • We can no longer get it from any of our suppliers
  • The manufacturer no longer sells the part
  • There are no substitute parts available
  • We don't know of any other source for the part
  • We're really sorry, we can't provide any more assistance

But.. is there another way?

It's frustrating when an otherwise perfect appliance is unrepairable, and we definitely understand that!
Here are just a few alternatives:

  • Contact local parts supply stores, they may be able to help, sometimes they may be able to fix the part
  • Take the part to an appliance technician. They may be able to fix the part or have other solutions
  • Try searching on Google for your part number
  • Try eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist
  • Try a used appliance parts store

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