Part MCM949024220


      Found my part immediately. Ordered easy. Arrived quick. Needed it before Thanksgiving day. Used it on Thanksgiving. Worked perfectly.

November 26, 2016

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This part fits 33 models

Charmglow: 2200

Brinkmann: 2200 810-2200-0 810-2300-0 810-2400-0 PRO SERIES 2400 PRO SERIES 2200

Charmglow: 810-2320-B 810-2300-B

Brinkmann: PRO SERIES 2300 810-2250-0

Charmglow: 810-6320-0 583591

Brinkmann: 2310 810-2310-0 PRO SERIES 2310 810-2210-1 810-2310-1 810-2400-2

Charmglow: 810-2320

Brinkmann: 810-4615-0 2400 2400 Pro Series 810-2400 2250 GRAND GOURMET 2250 810-2320-B

Charmglow: 2320

Brinkmann: 2320

Charmglow: 810-2200-0 810-2320B

Brinkmann: 810-2320 810-2320B

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The dimensions for this part are: 16 3/8 x 24

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Part: MCM949024220

Category: Heat Plates, 16.9375” to 15”

Part Description

Heat plate, porc stl, 16.375 x 24; brink


16 3/8 x 24

Additional Information

Bmhp2. brinkman bbq part. porcelain steel heat plate. 2pk 12 by 16 3/8 each. total 24 by 16 3/8 . oem number 600-2302-0 (oem is a single not a set) bmhp2 is each not a set. do not sub to mhp

This part is also known as:

MCM90242, 17810-2320-B, 600-2302-0, 11810-2300-B, 19810-2400-0, 90242, 13810-2320-B, MCM949024220, 949024220, BMHP2

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