Part MSP-100V


FITS Maytag RJGR4863A

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July 12, 2014

    Sorry! This item is no longer available.
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Part: MSP-100V

Category: Other Parts

Part Description

Oem portable stereo speaker

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Additional Information

Oem portable speaker msp-100. includes case, charger and 2 aux cables. will fit iphone and aux input. verizon unit made by lg. this part is no longer available and we have none in stock. there are no substitutions or sources available.

This part is also known as:

MSP-100C, MSP-100V

This part fits 2 models

Lg: MSP-100C MSP-100V

This part may fit other models. Please contact us if you require additional assistance.

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WPL70001243 - Bracket- H Ra
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