Part MCM010001660


      The part was exactly what I needed and it came on time. I am happy with the experience. I never thought I would find the little part I needed to get my humidifier to work correctly.

April 15, 2015

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Uniflame: NSG3902B

Bbq Grillware: GSC2418 GSF2616

Uniflame: GBC750W

Xps: XH1510

Perfect Flame: SLG2007B GSC3318N GSC3318

Bbq Grillware: GSC2418N

North American Outdoors: BB10571A

Grill Chef: SS525-B SS525-BNG

Grand Cafe: CGI09ALP

Smoke Hollow: 47180T 7000CGS

Uniflame: GBC1117WB

Bbqtek: GSF3016H

Cuisinart: C560S G41208 G41209 G51217

Master Forge: MFA350CNP

Outdoor Gourmet: SRGG51112

Stok: SGP4330SB

Blooma: OL6009WT-SSB

Grill Chef: 12733 12734 12736

Jamie Oliver: 4 BURNER

Phoenix: KS10002

Swiss Grill: CBA-301-A CBA-401B-B CDB-411BY I-300 I-430 I-500 I-500TS

Bbqtek: GSF2818K GSF3016E

Uniflame: GBC1117W

Backyard Classic: BY12-084-029-97

Bbqtek: GSF3916D GSS3220JS

Better Homes And Gardens: BG1755B BH12-101-001-02 BH13-101-099-01 BH13-101-099-02 GBC1273W GBC1362W

Black & Decker: 4500 JXG4604SS

Cuisinart: G41801 G41802 G41803 G41804 G51218 G52501 G52502 G52503 G52504 G52505 G52506 G52507 G52508 G61801 G61802

Master Forge: MFA480BSP MFA550CBP MFJ810CSB

Members Mark: GR2071001-MM-00 GR3055-14684

Mission: BG1764B-A BG1764B-B

Outdoor Gourmet: CG3023E DLX2012 DLX2013 GD430 GR2057601-OG-00 SRGG51112A SRGG51204A

Smoke Canyon: GR2002401-SC-00 GR2034205-SC-00

Smoke Hollow: 47183T

Stok: SGP4130N

Tera Gear: 13013007TG GSF3916 GSF3916D GSS3220A

Backyard Classic: BGB390SNP BGE530BSP BGE530PSP BY14-101-001-05 GBC1462W-C GBC1490W-C GBC1562W-C

Better Homes And Gardens: BH14-101-099-01 BH14-101-099-06 BH15-101-099-02 GBC1562W

Blooma: Nevada 3-burner OL6009WT-SB OL6009WTSB Tolima 3-burner

Browning: GR2061307-BN-00

Cuisinart: 85-3094-6 85-3095-4 G41805 G41806 G41807 G53501 G53503 G61803 G61804

Dyna-glo: DGB-730SNB-D DGE486BNP DGE486BNP-D DGF486GSP M365GMDG14 M365GMDG14-D M486BBDG14-D M486GMDG14 M486GMDG14-D M486RDDG14 M486RDDG14-D

Jamie Oliver: 4-burner 4-burner cabinet BBQ 002 GTBP0010

Master Forge: BG179A MFA350BNP MFA480GSN MFA480GSP

Members Mark: GR2001408-MM-00

Montana: 129638 129639 KS12007 KS12107

Nxr: 780-0009

Outdoor Gourmet: DLX2014 FSODBG1200 FSODBG1202 FSODBG1204 FSODBG1205 FSODGB3003 FSOGBG1203 FSOGBG3002

Stok: SGP4330

Swiss Grill: CBD-300BC CBD-410CY CBD-411BC G-300 G-500 GBD-411BC

Tera Gear: 2114-02-SB Dakota GS-1501L GS-1501N GS-1501P GSS3418-2L


Grand Hall: CGI09ALP

Dyna-glo: DGB390SNP-D

Cuisinart: G53509 G53510 G35801 G35802 G53507 G53508 G53502 G52509 G52510 G51219 G51220 G41808 G53505 G53506 G53504

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The dimensions for this part are: 3 inches in diameter

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Part: MCM010001660

Category: Temperature Gauges

Part Description

Heat indicator


3 inches in diameter

Quantity In Pack


Additional Information

Heat indicator for cuisinart, master forge, outdoor gourmet, shinerich, stok and uniflame. measures 3 inches in diameter.

This part is also known as:

P00601361A, 00016, MCM00016, G512-0085-01, MCM010001660, 010001660, 630038, GHP104-12005, 104-12005, 075954000161

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