Part NEX05000733A0


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November 28, 2014

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This part fits 77 models

Nex - Old: 720-0649 - Old

Nex: 720-0670

Charmglow - Old: 420-0077 - Old

Nex: 720-0650A

Members Mark - Old: 720-0582B - Old

Nex - Old: 720-0686 - Old

Nex: 720-0718 720-0670B

Nex - Old: 720-0670C - Old

Kenmore - Old: 720-0773 - Old

Nex - Old: 720-0744A - Old 720-0744 - Old 720-0718N - Old

Nex: 720-0718A

Nex - Old: 720-0778B - Old

Nex: 720-0773 720-0582B 720-0778A 720-0778C

Nex - Old: 720-0830D - Old

Nex: 720-0830A 720-0830f 720-0830H

Bhg - Old: 720-0783H - Old

Members Mark - Old: 720-0830G - Old

Nex: 720-0882A

Members Mark - Old: 720-0839 - Old

Nex - Old: 720-0778E - Old 720-0783C - Old 720-0783E - Old

Kitchenaid - Old: 720-0864 - Old

Bhg - Old: 720-0783DC - Old 720-0783R - Old

Members Mark: 720-0830G 720-0839

Nex: 720-0649 720-0670C 720-0686 720-0718N 720-0744 720-0744A 720-0778B 720-0778E 720-0783C 720-0783E 720-0830D

Kitchenaid: 720-0864

Better Homes And Gardens: 720-0783H 720-0783R

Charmglow: 420-0077

Better Homes And Gardens: 720-0783DC Walmart ()

Nex: 720-0896b 720-0783w 720-1008 720-0896 720-0830X 720-0830S 720-0783EH 720-0783T 720-0830HR 720-0830MC 720-0896CG 720-0830HM Home Depot USA (2021) 720-0830HR Home Depot USA (2021) 720-0830X Home Depot USA (2021) 720-0864RA Online Retailers (2021) 720-0882A Home Depot USA (2021) 720-0882AE Home Depot USA (2021) 720-0864R Home Depot USA (2021) 720-0830HR Home Depot USA (2018) 720-0830HR Home Depot Canada (2019) 720-0830HR Home Depot USA (2019) 720-0830HR Home Depot USA (2020) 720-0896E Home Depot USA (2021) 720-0896CP PriceSmart USA (2021)

Expert Grill: 720-0864T 720-0830HA

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Part: NEX05000733A0

Category: Wheels

Part Description

Swivel caster

Additional Information

Was nex844942, prod6008513r

This part is also known as:

720-0773-24, 36-720-0718A, 35-720-0744A, NEX844942, NEX1446381, NEX1405455, NEX1403288, 844942, 1403288, 1405455, 1446381, 05000733A0, NXG05000733A0, NEX05000733A0

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