Part NEX20001030A0


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January 24, 2015

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This part fits 26 models

Charmglow: 720-0396

Perfect Flame: 720-0335

Charmglow - Old: 720-0578 - Old

Perfect Flame - Old: 720-0522 - Old

Perfect Flame: 730-0335 730-0522

Kenmore: 122.16435010 122.16500010 122.16501010 122.16648900 122.16648901

Perfect Flame - Old: 720-0533 - Old

Jenn Air: 720-0607

Kenmore: 640-82960819-9

Nex: 730-0396 720-0650A 720-0719RB 720-0670B

Members Mark - Old: 720-0584 - Old

Nex: 720-0335

Kenmore - Old: 720-0719B - Old 720-0719R - Old

Members Mark: 720-0584

Perfect Flame: 720-0533

Kenmore: 720-0719B 720-0719R

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Part: NEX20001030A0

Category: Other Parts

Part Description

Grease box

Additional Information

Fits 720-0578

This part is also known as:

12720-0396, GT720-0396, PAN720-0335, 34720-0578, 31720-0522, gt720-0578, 1034930, NEX469048, 670B-048, 719R/B049, 650A-071, 412905, 719R-049, 78720-0584, 144359, 20000260A0, NEX192183, NEX463934, NEX1205652, NEX478743, 1205652, 192183, 463934, 469048, 478743, NEX144359, NEX412905, 20001030A0, 927811, NEX927811, 1205846, NEX1205846, 1205787, NEX1205787, NEX1034930, 04002636A0, NXG20000558A0, 20000558A0, NXG04002636A0, NXG20001030A0, NXG20000260A0, 650A071, NXG20000946A0, 670B048, 719RB049, 20000946A0, NEX20000946A0, NEX20001030A0, NEX650A-071, NXG650A-071, 04000035A0, NXG04000035A0

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