Part mcm101070220-MCM707030110


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July 3, 2014

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Part: mcm101070220-MCM707030110

Category: H Burners Twin, Offset 2 1/4", 10902 with Straight

Special Order

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Part Description

Stainless steel burner with venturi tube or tubes


17.5 x 8

Quantity In Pack



stainless steel

This part is also known as:

MCM10902-MCM70301, MCM10902-MCM75102, MCM109S2-MCM70301, 10902-70301, 10902-75102, 109S2-70301, 10902MCM70301, 10902MCM75102, 109S2MCM70301, MCM101090220-MCM707030110, MCM101090220-MCM707510225, mcm101070220-MCM707030110

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