Part 550-2200-0


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July 6, 2014

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This part fits 24 models

Charmglow: 2200

Brinkmann: 2200 810-2200-0 810-2400-0 PRO SERIES 2400 PRO SERIES 2200 PRO SERIES 2300 810-2250-0 PRO SERIES 2210 810-2210-0 810-2210-1

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Part: 550-2200-0

Category: Wheels and Casters

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Oem limited stock. new wheel may differ from original.**** please order both wheels to ensure match.***** 7327372 we can also get from alt vendor n

This part is also known as:

550-2200-0, 18810-2210-1, 18810-2210-0, 24810-2235-0, 24810-2250-2, 16810-2200-0, 24810-2250-1