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February 10, 2017

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Category: Hoses, Valves, and Regulators

Part Description

There is no conversion kit from lp to na

This part is also known as:


This part fits 699 models

Amana: AM27LP AM30LP (2008) SF27

Aussie: Bushman Elite

Bakers And Chefs: 9905TB-LPG GQ-5002D Y0005XC-1 Y0655 LPG Y0656


Bbq Grillware: GGP-2501 GGPL-2100

Brinkmann: 2320 2400 2400 Pro Series 2600 810-1415-W 810-1470-0 810-2320-B 810-2400 810-2400-0 810-2400-2 810-4400-B 810-4655-0 810-6320-B 810-6830-B 810-7231-W 810-7310-S 810-7400-S 810-7440-F 810-7500-S 810-8445-F 810-8448-F 810-8550-S 810-9210-s 810-9415-F 810-9425-W PRO 2500 PRO SERIES 2300 PRO SERIES 2400 PRO SERIES 7231

Broil King: 951-27 951-97 9761-64

Broil-mate: 1551-64 1651-54 7264-64

Broilmaster: G-3TX-30

Bull: 406292

Capt'n Cook: cg3ckw XG4CKWA

Centro: 85-1099-8 (2006)

Charbroil: 08401504 461252605 4627163 463230703 463230710 463233503 463240904 463241804 463242304 463246910 463251605 463252105 463441412 463452206 463721111 4638268 4638983 466242404 466420911 466464706

Chargriller: 25182SL-NG 3030 5050

Charmglow: 2320 420-0077 720-0036-HD-05 720-0230 720-0234 720-0304 720-0396 810-2320 810-2320-B 810-6310-0 810-6320-B 810-6320-C 810-6830 810-6830-B 810-7310-S 810-7400-S 810-7440-F 810-7500-S 810-7600-S 810-8550-S

Coleman: 3000 5100 9990-142


Ducane: 1202SHNE 2965SHNE 30400040 30400042 30400043 314100 5005SHNE

Dyna-glo: DGP350NP

Empire: SR-30T

Fiesta: 16219 16502 16503 24025 30035 3500 3500D 4000 4000D 4000W 40045 4500 5000P 5500P A24025 A24027-150 A24030 A24030 1 CONTROL KNOB A24030 2 CONTROL KNOB Advantis XA34552 AH24030-1 CONTROL KNOB AH24030-2 CONTROL KNOBS AL24025 B24025 B24030 B24042 B30035 B30035-40 B30040 B30047 B34552 B3540 B40045 B45070 BH24025 BH24025/30 BH24030 BH24042 BH30035 BH30047 BH30052 BH34535 BH34535/40 BH34540 BH34540-343 BH34552 BH40045 BH40050 BH40057 bh40062 BT34535 BT40040 BT40045 BT40055 BT45055 C24025 C34540 C34544 c34556 CH34522 CH34552 CH40057 CH40058 CL5700S CLASSIC 345 Classic XH40058 D19011 Dynasty GT45052 Dynasty GT45079 Dynasty XT45079 EA24027 ADVANTIS EA24027 REGENCY EA24039 EA30034 EA30035 EA30046 EA30047 EA30047 El Paso EA34540 CLASSIC EA34540 REGENCY EA34552 EA34552 ADVANTIS EA34552 Natural Gas EA34552 REGENCY EA34555 EA34555 Natural Gas EAZ34545 EH24027 EH24027 CLASSIC EH30034 MIAMI EH30035 EH30036 ARUBA EH30046 CLASSIC EH34540 CLASSIC EH34552 EH40046 STAMPEDE EH40050 EH40061 EHA1225-B439 EHA2230K305 EHA2235-B401 EHA2240-B404 EHT4450-B419 EL24027 EL24039 COOK-RITE EL30034 COOK-RITE EL30040 EL30046 EL30052 EL34540 ELT120 ESD40050 ESD40050-B309 ESD45050 ESD45050-B309 ESD45055 ESD45055 B327 ESD45055 B346 ESD45055 B401 ESD45055 BC301 ESD45055 BC303 ESD45055 BC305 ESD45055 BC347 ESD45055 BC402 ESD45055-B303 ESD45055-B327 ESD45055-B346 ESD45055-B401 ESD45055-BC301 ESD45055-BC305 ESD45055-BC347 ESD45055-BC402 ET34540 ET34567 ET34567 Natural Gas ET40050 ET40050 Magnum Plus ET40062 ET40065 EZ34535-B401 EZA24025 B309 EZA24025B405 EZA24545 P306 EZA24545 P314 EZA24545T321 EZA30030 EZA30030-B305 EZA30030B305 EZA30030B309 EZA30030B311 EZA30030B401 EZA30035B313 EZA30040B403 EZA30040B413 EZA3345-T329 EZA34535 B301 EZA34535 B334 EZA34535-B EZA34535Z403 EZA34545 EZA34545 B403 EZA34545 B410 EZA34545-B403 EZA34545-B410 EZA34545-P314 EZA34545-T21 EZA34545B303 EZD4450-B308 EZD45055 EZD45055-BC301 EZD45055-BC407 EZD45055-T316 EZD45055BC307 EZD45055T316 EZD5455-B402 EZD5555-B413 EZH24025B403 EZH24030-B303 EZH30030 EZH30030B405 EZH30035B302 EZH30035B402 EZH30040B301 EZH34535 EZH34535 B309 EZH4345 EZL24025B401 EZL24025B406 EZP3335K402 EZT34535 EZT34535 B301 EZT34535 B303 EZT34535 B401 EZT34535 P406 EZT34535 P412 EZT34535-P406 EZT34535T404 EZT34535T407 EZT34545 EZT34545 B304 EZT34545 B307 EZT34545 B338 EZT34545 B403 EZT34545 B482 EZT34545 P303 EZT34545 P310 EZT34545-P303 EZT34545B315 EZT34545B325 EZT34545BC409 EZT40040 EZT40040 B312 EZT40040 P301 EZT40040 P303 EZT40040 P315 EZT40040 P339 EZT40040 P407 EZT40040 P413 EZT40040-B312 EZT40040-P301 EZT40040-P303 EZT40040-P315 EZT40040-P339 EZT40040-P407 EZT40040-P413 EZT40040B305 EZT40040B312 EZT40040P301 EZT40040P303 EZT40040P315 EZT40040P339 EZT40040P407 EZT40040P413 EZT40040T402 EZT40040Z410 EZT40050 EZT40050 B405 EZT40050 B416 EZT40050 B703 EZT40050 BC307 EZT40050 P308 EZT40050 P317 EZT40050 P340 EZT40050 P344 EZT40050 P484 EZT40050-B405 EZT40050-B416 EZT40050-B703 EZT40050-BC307 EZT40050-P308 EZT40050-P317 EZT40050-P340 EZT40050-P344 EZT40050-P484 EZT40050B303 EZT40050B403 EZT40050B405 EZT40050B416 EZT40050B419 EZT40050B703 EZT40050BC307 EZT40050BC311 EZT40050BC312 EZT40050P308 EZT40050P317 EZT40050P340 EZT40050P344 EZT40050P484 EZT45055 EZT45055 B319 EZT45055 P301 EZT45055 P312 EZT45055 P342 EZT45055 P418 EZT45055-B319 EZT45055-P301 EZT45055-P312 EZT45055-P342 EZT45055-P418 EZT45055B319 EZT45055P301 EZT45055P312 EZT45055P342 EZT45055P418 FG50057 FG50069 FG50069-U401 FG50069-U409 FG50069-U411 FGF50057 FH40057 FH40058 GD45067 GD45079 GD45079 Natural Gas GD45082 GD45082 Natural Gas GT40045 GT40046 GT40073 GT40073-131 GT40073-731 GT45052 GT45079 Dynasty Natural Gas GT45079 Optima GT45079 Optima NG HCH30035 HCH30047 HCH34552 HFH40057 L4500 L5500P S2500 S4000S XA34540 XA34555 Advantis XA34555 Advantis NG XD40050 XD40050 NG XD40077 XD40077 NG XD45067 XST40045 XST45055NG XT34540 XT34555 XT34555 NG XT40046 XT40050 XT40057 XT40058 Dynasty XT40062 XT40065 XT40065 NG XT40073 Dynasty XT40077 XT45052 Dynasty XT45052 NG XZD45055 XZD45055-B411 XZD5549-K407

Frigidaire: FD27LKEC FD27NKEC


Glen Canyon: 720-0026 720-0104-NG 720-0145

Grand Hall: 8000 8001 80500 GLOBE CAFE 8000/8001 M5205ALP M5205ANG MFA05ALP REGAL04CLP Y0005XC-1 Y0005XC-2 Y0660NG-2

Great Outdoors: 6000 8500L TG560 TG560N TG560P

Grill Chef: GC816

Grill Master: WT431HWD

Grillpro: 226464 269747

Jenn Air: 720-0061 720-0061-LP 720-0062 720-0062-LP 720-0063-LP 720-0094 720-0099 720-0099-NG 720-0100 720-0100-NG 720-0101-NG 720-0139-NG 720-0141 720-0141-LP 720-0142 720-0142-LP 720-0150 720-0150-LP 720-0151-NG 720-0164-LP 720-0165 720-0336 720-0337 720-0339 730-0164 730-0165 730-0336 730-0337 740-0142 740-0165 750-0141 750-0142 JA38LP JA38NG JA460 JA460N JA460P JA461 JA461P JA480 JA480N JA480P JA580 JA580P JBQ30BA JBQ30BAM VC75A

Kenmore: 122.16129800 122.16500010 141.155400 141.16225 141.16228 141.16235 141.16322 141.163251 141.16673 141.16677 141.16680 141.16681 141.17228 141.17677 141.17690 141.17691 141.17692 141.30815 16681 17228 259.162170 415.156611 415.15666 415.158950 415.16123800 415.16127 415.16127800 415.162120 C172-30754 C172-30800 C172-30824 c172.30507

Kirkland: 720-0011 720-0011-LP 720-0193 720-0432

Magicater: LPG-60

Master Chef: G65001

Masterbuilt: 20050211 20051214

Members Mark: 04ANG 296435 BQ05046-6N-A monarch04bng MSM05ALP P30C1D REGAL04ALP REGAL04ANG Y0005XC-1 Y0005XC-2 Y0101XC Y0202XC Y0202XC-LP Y0202XC-NG Y0655 Y0656 Y0660

Napoleon: CSS610RB

Nex: 720-0050-LP 720-0093 720-0096 720-0274 720-0289 720-0312 720-0340 720-0419 720-0670 720-0718 730-0339 750-0058-NG

Perfect Flame: 720-0335 720-0522 730-0335

Permasteel: PG-404504SOL

Prochef: 4704B

Sams: ST1017-012939

Smoke Hollow: 1800 CGS

Strada: STRD4R

Sunbeam: HG7501EPB WT431HWD

Sureheat: SGR30M

Thermos: 461252605 461410708 461742204 4627163

Turbo: 720-0057-3B CG4TDBRN CG5TDBRN G3TN G6TSRN

Tuscany: SGR30M

Uniflame: 253303 BC1712G EG360 FG2204C GBC621C GBC750W GBC772W NBC1218G NBC1218G-C NPG230 NSG3902B NSG3902D NSG4303 PG2620 SG380 SG380-2

Vermont Castings: CF9030 CF9030LP CF9030N CF9050 CF90501AP CF9055 CF90551P CF90553A CF90553B CF9055LP CF9055N CF9056 CF9080 CF90803AP CF9085 CF90853A CF90853B CF9085LP CF9086 CF9086LP CF9500LP VC0752AN vc2001bn vc2001cp VC2003NG VC200A VC200B VC200C VC200D VC200E VC3517AP VC3624GS VC4000 VC5016Ap VC75A VCP751AP vcp753bn VCS3006 VCS3500BI VCS4005 VCS4005C VCS5000 VCS5006 VM400 VM400XBN VM400XBPC VM406 VM450 VM450SSP VM456 VM508 VM508K VM600 VM6008SN VM600BSP VM606 VM658

Weber: 4411001 NG89556 Platinum PLATINUM 11 3200 LP SUMMIT S-650 LP (2009) SUMMIT S-650 NG (2007) SUMMIT S-650 NG (2009) Summit S650

Xps: XH1510

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