Part NEX2132


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June 28, 2014

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Part: NEX2132

Category: Knobs

Part Description

Control knob

Additional Information

For models 720-0014/18/26/28r/32/33/36/36hd-05/38/47/47u/50/58/67/72/78/83-04r/104/108/125/133/140/145/152(lp/ng)/230(05/06)

This part is also known as:

KNOB720-0026-LP, KNOBNEX720-0036-HD-05, KNOBNEX720-0230, KNOBNEX720-0021, KNOBNEX720-0108, KNOBNEX720-0082-LP, KNOB720-0103, KNOB720-0011, KNOB720-0018, KNOB720-0025, KNOB720-0083-04R, KNOB270-0041, KNOB720--0083-04R, KNOB720-0039, KNOB720-0105, B0012, KNOB720-0125, KNOB720-0133, KNOB720-0140, C2601, 27720-0026, KNOB720-0036-HD-05, K1701, 12720-0082-LP, CONKN720-0050-LP, CKNOB720-0008-LP, KNOB720-0145, 23720-0145, 22720-0439, 26720-0104NG, KNOB720-0008-LP, knob720-0026, 2132, 410034, 720-0145-LP-23, NEX2132