Part NEX20001421A1


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April 1, 2017

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This part fits 9 models

Jenn Air - Old: 720-0709 - Old

Nex: 720-0336B

Jenn Air - Old: 740-0712 - Old 740-0711 - Old

Nex: 720-0336C 720-0709 720-0720

Jenn Air: 740-0711 740-0712

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Part: NEX20001421A1

Category: Seats

Part Description

Main lid handle seat, ri

Additional Information

Ght w/heat insulating spacer for models 720-0709/720-0720/727/740-0711/712/0709b

This part is also known as:

720-07096, 7-720-0336C, NEX1196203, 1196203, NEX1364077, 1205513, NEX1205513, 1364077, NEX1382055, 1382055, 20001421A0, NXG20001421A1, 20001421A1, NEX20001421A1

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