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Electrode; great...

      I ordered parts for my electric smoker and they came promptly. The parts even had instructions on how to change them.

January 31, 2017

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Aussie: 4280 4280-0A113 4280-0A116

Bbq Grillware: GSC2418J GGPL2100 GSC2418N GSF2616 GSC2418 GGPL-2100

Backyard Classic: BY14-101-001-05 GBC1429W-C GBC1429W GBC1406W-C GBC1355W-C BY15-101-001-02 GBC1255W BY14-101-001-04 BY14-101-001-02 BY14-101-001-01 GBC1449-C BY13-101-001-13 BY13-101-001-12 BY13-101-001-11 BY12-084-029-98 GBC1440WRSB-C BY14-101-001-099 GBC1449W-C GBC1449WBS-C GBC1449WRS-C GBC1460W GBC1461W GBC1462W-C GBC1555W-C GBC1562W-C

Better Homes And Gardens: GBC1362W BH15-101-099-02 GBC1562W BH14-101-099-01 BH14-101-099-06 BH13-101-099-01

Chargriller: 4000 3001 2020 4208 2001 5252 5050 3030 3008

Dyna-glo: DGF510SSP DGF510SSP-D

Great Outdoors: 432SL TG475-2 Pinnacle TG475-2 TG560 KG432

Grill Chef: GC610 GC7550 BM616 GC816 GC716 GC616

Igloo: BB10367A

Jenn Air: JA580 JA460 JA461P JA461 JA480

Kenmore: XH1510 146.47468610

King Griller: 5252 3008

Life@home: GSC2418J

Master Forge: GGPL-2100CA MFJ810CSB

Montana: KS12107 129638

North American Outdoors: BB10769A-1 843019U BB10571A BB10769A

Outdoor Gourmet: GD430 CG3023E FSOGBG1203

Perfect Flame: MH45812 3JYP

Uniflame: GBC1134WRS GBC1134W GBC1117WB GBC1030WRS-C GBC1143W-C GBC1059WB-C Patriot GBC091W Wellington GBC1059WE-C GBC1117W GBC750W NSG3902B SG380-2 SG380 GBC1303WDC-U GBC1305W-U GBC1329WRS-U GBC1343WP-U GBC956W1NG-C GBC850WNG-C GBC1059WB GBC1030WRS GBC831WB-C GBC850W-C NSG4303 GBC981W GBC981W-C GBC940WIR GBC831WB GBC1030W GBC850W GBC983W-C

Vermont Castings: CF9086 VCS5005BI VC500 VC30 VM606 VM600 VM456 VM406 VM400 CF9080 CF9056 VCS3505BI CF9050 VM450SSP VCS5006BI VCS500 VSC5010 VCS6006 VCS5016 VCS5006 VCS4006 VCS3505 CF9055 VM400XVP VM450 CF9030 VM45055P VM600VSP VSC5005BI VM400XBP VCS4005 VCS5005 VCS4005C VC2002CN CF9085 3A CF9055 3B CF9055 3A Sizzler Built-in Marvel Extreme Extreme Limited Edition Extreme Built-in CF9085 3B VC2002BP Experience CF9085 VCS5000BI VM658 VCS3500BI VCS6005 VCS3000 VCS4106 VCS300SSN VCS5010 VCS5026 VCS5036 VCS5000 VCS423 VC3505 Sizzler VM448 VM508 VCS4000

Xps: DXH8303 XH1510

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Part: MCM010401004

Category: Igniter Electrodes

Part Description

Electrode; great outdoors, uniflame

Additional Information

Electrode for uniflame/ fits mcm14751 and great outdoors tg475-2. ig-20b o/s wd6ar

This part is also known as:

MCM04010, 04010, 91D0107, MJH91D0107, MCM010401004, 010401004, IG-20, IG-20B, IG20B, 4010, 075954040105

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