Part MCM161036110

BURNER, PIPE, SS, 16.8125 X 1; CHG, NEXG

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January 24, 2015

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This part fits 32 models

Charmglow: 720-0036-HD-05

Nex: 720-0033 720-0140

Charmglow: 720-0230 720-0234 720-0125

Nex: 720-0125

Charmglow: 720-0304

Nex: 720-0083-04R 720-0289

Charmglow: 730-0230

Sterling Forge: 720-0016 Courtyard 720-0016

Permasteel: PG-50400-S PG-50401-S PG-50404-SOL PG-50410-S PG-50410-SOLB PG-50506-SRLA PG-50506-SRLSC

Kirkland: 720-0025

Permasteel: CGPG50400S

Charmglow: 720-0036 720-0289

Kirkland: 720-0083-04R

Nex: 720-0025 720-0016 720-0036 720-0036-HD-05 720-0230 720-0234 720-0304

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The dimensions for this part are: 16-13/16 x 1 inch

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Part: MCM161036110

Category: Pipe Burners, Straight, 19" to 16 1/2"

Part Description

Burner, pipe, ss, 16.8125 x 1; chg, nexg


16-13/16 x 1 inch

Quantity In Pack


Additional Information

Burner for charmglow 720-0036-hd-05 and nex grill model 720-0016 was burnernex720-0033 ctb1.

This part is also known as:

BURNRENEX720-0140-LP, MCM10361, BURNERNEX720-0234, BURN720-0025, BURNERNEX720-0230, BURNERNEX720-0033, BURNER720-0230, BURNERNEX720-0304, BURNERNEX720-0036-HD-05, 26730-0230, BURN720-0033, 28-720-0036-HD-05, 26-720-0230, 10-720-0304, 10361, 21PG-50400-SOL, MCM161036110, BURNERNEX720-0234TEMP

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