Part 072-3420-0

Temerature guage,...

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January 3, 2015

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Aussie: 6804S8-S11 6703C8FKK1 8462-8-MRI 6804T8KSS1 8462-8-MR1

Bbq Grillware: GGPL-2100 GGP-2501

Backyard Classic: GBC1429W BY13-101-001-12 GBC1449-C GBC1440WRSB-C BY14-101-001-01 BY15-101-001-02 GBC1408WDC-C GBC1406W-C GBC1355W-C BY14-101-001-099 GBC1255W BY14-101-001-04 BY14-101-001-03 BY12-084-029-98 BY14-101-001-02 BY13-101-001-13 GBC1449WBS-C GBC1449WRS-C GBC1461W GBC1460W GBC1449W-C GBC1555W-C

Bond: GSF2616AC

Brinkmann: 810-9620-A 810-4405-0 810-9419-1 810-1420-0 810-1470-0 810-1415-W 810-9620-F 810-1325-0 810-4409-F 810-1420-T 810-2557-F 810-9325-A 810-9419-F 810-1452-0 810-1570-0 810-3420-C 810-1525-1 810-1420-1 810-1575-0 810-2415-W 810-2545-W 810-9500-0 810-9419 810-9418-0 810-1450-1 810-8557-0 810-1552-0 810-9610-F 810-3420-W 810-4457-F 810-1415-F 810-3420-A 810-9417-1 810-1525-0 810-9620-0 810-8300-W 810-7741-0 810-8445-W 810-7751-0 810-8448-F 810-8300-F 810-8640-S 810-7741-W 810-8300 810-7625-0 810-6800-0 7231 810-7541-W 810-7341-W 810-7231-W 810-7541-B 810-9419-0 810-3800-S 810-9520-S 810-9417-0 810-9415-0 810-9400-0 810-8446-N 810-9200-0 810-9300-0 810-9419-R 810-9415-W 810-8445-F 810-9590-S 810-9415-F 810-9425-W 810-9520-M 810-6835-1 810-6805-1

Charbroil: 640-01303702-3

Charmglow: 810-6830-0 810-7600-S 810-6805-0 810-6835-0 810-9520-F 810-7600-F 810-7450-s

Great Outdoors: TG560P TG560 TG475-2

Grill King: 810-9325-0

Grill Mate: B2618-SB

Henderson: SRGG51111

Life@home: 25775

Master Cook: SRGG30001B

Manhattan: K02S

Master Forge: B10LG25 DG0576CC

Members Mark: B10PG20-2R GR2001402-MM-00 GR3055-014571 B10PG20-2C

Members Mark - Old: 720-0584 - Old

North American Outdoors: BB10769A

Nex: 720-0584A 720-0335 730-0584

Outdoor Gourmet: SRGG30001C SRGG21101

Perfect Flame: 730-0335 730-0522 720-0335

Perfect Flame - Old: 720-0522 - Old

Presidents Choice: PC25632 09011044PC 09011010PC 9011038 565698 09011038 09011042PC

River Grille: GR1031-012965

Shinerich: Kingston

Tera Gear: 314168

Uniflame: GBC981W-C GBC981W GBC920W1 GBC9129M GBC820W GBC831WB GBC091W GBC730W GBC983W-C GBC1343WP-U

Xps: DXH8303 DXH-8501

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Part: 072-3420-0

Category: Temperature Gauges

Part Description

Temerature guage, read extended info

Additional Information

This is a stem mounted guage..has one nut on the center stem to hold in place.. if you need a stud mount ( has 2 studs to mount it) use 072-6800-0 #$%

This part is also known as:


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