Part P8080A


      Found my part immediately. Ordered easy. Arrived quick. Needed it before Thanksgiving day. Used it on Thanksgiving. Worked perfectly.

November 26, 2016

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Members Mark: Y0202XC

Charbroil: 4632215

Members Mark: Y0101XC

Grand Hall: Y0005XC-2 Y0005XC-1

Kenmore: 141.152270 141.152210

Charbroil: 463251505 4632235

Kenmore: 141.157902 141.166400 141.157901 141.157941

Bakers And Chefs: Y0656

Members Mark: P30C1D

Kenmore: 141.152230

Members Mark: Y0202XC-NG

Charbroil: 4632236

Grand Hall: Y0660NG-2

Charbroil: 4632220 4632241 4632240

Grand Cafe: GC3500

Kenmore: 141.157951 141.157981 141.157991 141.168600 141.17860

Charbroil: 4632210

Grand Cafe: GC2001 GC3001

Members Mark: Y0202XC-LP Y0660LP-2

Grand Cafe: GC1000

Members Mark: Y0005XC-2 Y0656 Y0005XC-1

Bakers And Chefs: Y0005XC-1

Members Mark: Y0660NG-2

Kenmore: 141.156400 141.157900 141.157940 141.157950 141.157980 141.157990 141.176400

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Part: P8080A

Category: Igniters

Part Description

Aa battery--2 pack

This part is also known as:

P8080A, CHRP8080A