Part CHRG401-0058-W1

Wheel. measures...

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August 3, 2014

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Fiesta: EZT40050

Great Outdoors: DG450

Charbroil: 461669906 463247005

Fiesta: XD45067 EZD45055-BC407 GD45067 GD45079 GD45079 Natural Gas GD45082 GD45082 Natural Gas GT40046 GT40073-131 GT40073-731 Dynasty GT45052 Dynasty GT45079 GT45079 Dynasty Natural Gas GT45079 Optima GT45079 Optima NG XT40057 XT40073 Dynasty XT45052 NG Dynasty XT45079 ESD45055 B346 ESD45055 B401 ESD45055 BC301 ESD45055 BC303 ESD45055 BC305 ESD45055 BC347 ESD45055 BC402 EZD45055BC307 EZD45055-T316 EZT40040 B312 EZT40040 P301 EZT40040 P303 EZT40040 P315 EZT40040 P339 EZT40040 P407 EZT40040 P413 EZT40050 B405 EZT40050 B416 EZT40050 B703 EZT40050 BC307 EZT40050 P308 EZT40050 P317 EZT40050 P340 EZT40050 P344 EZT40050 P484 EZT45055 B319 EZT45055 P301 EZT45055 P312 EZT45055 P342 EZT45055 P418 EZT40050B303 EZT40050B403 EZT40050B419 EZT40050BC311 EZT40050BC312 ESD45055 B327

Charbroil: 463243804 463620207 464322107 464321907

Kenmore: 415.16113 415.16117

Fiesta: GT45052 GT45079 Dynasty XT45079

Charbroil: 463247004

Kenmore: C172.30420

Thermos: 461620307

Fiesta: EZD4450-BV445

Kenmore: 464321407 464321607

Chargriller: 5050

Great Outdoors: D450 DC450

Fiesta: ESD45055-BC305 ESD45055-BC347 ESD45055-B346 ESD45055-B401 ESD45055-B303 ESD45055-BC301 ESD45055-BC402 EZD45055T316 EZT40040-B312 EZT40040B312 EZT40040-P301 EZT40040P301 EZT40040-P303 EZT40040P303 EZT40040-P315 EZT40040P315 EZT40040-P339 EZT40040P339 EZT40040-P407 EZT40040P407 EZT40040-P413 EZT40040P413 EZT40050-B416 EZT40050B416 EZT40050-B703 EZT40050B703 EZT40050-BC307 EZT40050BC307 EZT40050-P308 EZT40050P308 EZT40050-P317 EZT40050P317 EZT40050P340 EZT40050-P340 EZT40050-P344 EZT40050P344 EZT40050-P484 EZT40050P484 EZT45055-B319 EZT45055B319 EZT45055-P301 EZT45055P301 EZT45055-P312 EZT45055P312 EZT45055-P342 EZT45055P342 EZT45055-P418 EZT45055P418

Charbroil: 464220110

Kenmore: 415.16128010

Charbroil: 464220111

Kenmore: 415.16151110

Charbroil: 463230112 464220311 464220511 466220111

Smoke Hollow: TC3718SB TC3718

Charbroil: 415.16128010 461620307 464321407

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Part: CHRG401-0058-W1

Category: Wheels and Casters

Part Description

Wheel. measures approximately 8"w. repla

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Additional Information

8"w. replaces part number 80000627

This part is also known as:

80000627, SP17-22, CHR80000627, 50002725, MJH50002725, CHRG401-0058-W1, DUOWHEEL, G401-0058-W1, SP17-22SC, Wheel - 8 Rubber, RUBBERW, TC3718-09, B01E5EVG22, G4010058W1

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