Part CHRG401-0058-W1


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July 6, 2014

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Part: CHRG401-0058-W1

Category: Wheels and Casters

Part Description

Wheel. measures approximately 8"w. repla

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Additional Information

8"w. replaces part number 80000627

This part is also known as:

80000627, SP17-22, CHR80000627, 50002725, MJH50002725, CHRG401-0058-W1, DUOWHEEL, G401-0058-W1, SP17-22SC, Wheel - 8 Rubber, RUBBERW

This part fits 128 models

Charbroil: 461669906 463230112 463243804 463247004 463247005 463620207 464220110 464220111 464321907 464322107 466220111

Chargriller: 3001 5050

Fiesta: Dynasty GT45052 Dynasty GT45079 Dynasty XT45079 ESD45055 B346 ESD45055 B401 ESD45055 BC301 ESD45055 BC303 ESD45055 BC305 ESD45055 BC347 ESD45055 BC402 ESD45055-B303 ESD45055-B346 ESD45055-B401 ESD45055-BC301 ESD45055-BC305 ESD45055-BC347 ESD45055-BC402 EZD4450-BV445 EZD45055-BC407 EZD45055-T316 EZD45055BC307 EZD45055T316 EZT40040 B312 EZT40040 P301 EZT40040 P303 EZT40040 P315 EZT40040 P339 EZT40040 P407 EZT40040 P413 EZT40040-B312 EZT40040-P301 EZT40040-P303 EZT40040-P315 EZT40040-P339 EZT40040-P407 EZT40040-P413 EZT40040B312 EZT40040P301 EZT40040P303 EZT40040P315 EZT40040P339 EZT40040P407 EZT40040P413 EZT40050 B416 EZT40050 B703 EZT40050 BC307 EZT40050 P308 EZT40050 P317 EZT40050 P340 EZT40050 P344 EZT40050 P484 EZT40050-B416 EZT40050-B703 EZT40050-BC307 EZT40050-P308 EZT40050-P317 EZT40050-P340 EZT40050-P344 EZT40050-P484 EZT40050B303 EZT40050B403 EZT40050B416 EZT40050B419 EZT40050B703 EZT40050BC307 EZT40050BC311 EZT40050BC312 EZT40050P308 EZT40050P317 EZT40050P340 EZT40050P344 EZT40050P484 EZT45055 B319 EZT45055 P301 EZT45055 P312 EZT45055 P342 EZT45055 P418 EZT45055-B319 EZT45055-P301 EZT45055-P312 EZT45055-P342 EZT45055-P418 EZT45055B319 EZT45055P301 EZT45055P312 EZT45055P342 EZT45055P418 GD45067 GD45079 GD45079 Natural Gas GD45082 GD45082 Natural Gas GT40046 GT40073-131 GT40073-731 GT45052 GT45079 Dynasty GT45079 Dynasty Natural Gas GT45079 Optima GT45079 Optima NG XD45067 XT40057 XT40073 Dynasty XT45052 NG XT45079

Great Outdoors: D450 DC450 DG450

Kenmore: 415.16113 415.16117 415.16128010 464321407 464321607 C172.30420

Thermos: 461620307

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