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July 6, 2014

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Part: 7921000026951

Category: Water Tanks

Part Description

Water tank cap w/gasket


2" diameter

Quantity In Pack


Additional Information

Was 143-142 7921000021805 tc10 143-189 tc22. cap with gasket for water tank. cannot buy gasket separately. replaces cap with demineralization cartridge. not a good sub for 7921000012308 #$%

This part is also known as:

143-142, 7921000021805, 143-189, TC10, TC21, TC3, 143-143, 997-0052, 7921000026951, 7921000024806, SDC2300, SDC2300-UM, 79210000026951, SDC2300-UMTEMP, 7921000012308, TC22, TC-10, 143143, 9970052, 495567749, 753359863054

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