Part 818087-1


FITS Kenmore 758.140131

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June 18, 2016

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Part: 818087-1

Category: Motors and Blades

Part Description

Motor for emerson

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This part is also known as:

818087-1, MTR871, 817581, EMR818087-1, QBP818087-1, 818087, 818097-1

This part fits 25 models

Kenmore: 758.144120 758.148080

Emerson: HD07WI HD12W HD12W1 HD12WO HD12WVO HD8000 HD14W1

Kenmore: 758.144080

Emerson: HD08W1 HD12WV0

Kenmore: 758.140140 140140

Emerson: HD12W0

Kenmore: 758.144100

Emerson: HD12WU0

Kenmore: 758.140101 758.144240 758.140131 758.140130 140131

Emerson: HD12WVOC HD13W 0

Kenmore: 144120

This part may fit other models. Please contact us if you require additional assistance.

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Part Categories for Kenmore 758.140131:

Filters | Motors and Blades

Accessories for all Humidifiers:

Accessories | Chemicals | Tubing


Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
ESW-CESW-C - 2 Wick Filters 6x11x4
Quantity: 2
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Motors and Blades

Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
818087-1818087-1 - Motor For Emerson
Quantity: 1
View Part Info
Not Available
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Accessories for all Humidifiers:


Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
AC-912AC-912 - Pan Tabets ( 6 Pack)
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246246 - Humidifier Treatment
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T812T812 - Cutting Board 8 X12 Inch
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Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
FSRM6FSRM6 - Humidafresh Rainforest Mist Water Treatm
Quantity: 1
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FSCA6FSCA6 - Humidafresh Cinnamon Apple Water Treatme
Quantity: 1
View Part Info
FSFV6FSFV6 - Humidafresh Vanilla Water Treatment
Quantity: 1
View Part Info
AC802AC802 - Humidifier Bacteriostatic Water Treatmen
Quantity: 1
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1T-61T-6 - Humdf Water Treatment32 Oz
Quantity: 1
View Part Info
AC816AC816 - Extra Strength Humidifier Cleaner
Quantity: 1
View Part Info
FSOB6FSOB6 - Humidafresh Ocean Breeze
Quantity: 1
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3US-63US-6 - Water Treatment Cleaner
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Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
2158100121581001 - Screw Clamp, 5 1/4 - 6 3/4
Quantity: 1
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