Part H55-C-6

2 WICK FILTERS 7 1/4X9X1-1/2

      Couldn't find the belt for our 20+ year old vacuum anywhere else. Found it quickly on this site and vacuum is back as good as ever.

November 23, 2014

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Part: H55-C-6

Category: Filters

Part Description

2 wick filters 7 1/4x9x1-1/2


7 1/4 x 9 x 1-1/2

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Additional Information

H55 hm25040540610 10251050200015501555. dh1015

This part is also known as:

H55-RPS, S10, 6610, HWF-55, MD10001, MD10002, MD1-0001, MD1-0002, QBPH55-C, QBPH55-RPS, H55-C, APR6610, H55-C-6, dh1015

This part fits 40 models

Holmes: HM1050 HM2000 HM250 HM405 HM406

Sunbeam: 1113

Super Electric: 43-5014-6 43-5024-2 RW-3

Vornado: 1007 221 232 30 3120-900 40 421 432 ALL MODELS HU1-0007 HU1-0008 HU1-0009 HU1-0010 HU1-0012-11 HU1-0013 HU1-0014 HU1-0015 HU1-001614 HU1-007 HU1-009 HU1-16 HUI-0007 HUI-0010 HUI-0013 HUI-0014 HUI-007 HUI-009

Waite-hamilton: HU1-0010 HUI-0010

Walgreen: 809997

Windmere: C2500

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