Part CRC111108460001

FILTER 12 1/4 X 11 3/4 X 3/16

      We have purchased this kind of item in the past and believe there is no other way to do so that is as simple and inexpensive as through Appliance Factory Parts.

November 28, 2014

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Emerson: 10GV13 10GV13-A 10GV13-B 10GV13-C 10GV13-D 10GV13-E 10GV13-F 10GV13-G 12KV93-A 5HV53 5HV53-A

Fedders: A6V05S2A*A A6V05S2A*B A6V05S2A*C A6V08S2A*A A6V08S2A*B A6V10S2A*A A6V10S2A*B A6V10S2A*C A6V10S2A*D A6V12S2A*A

Air Temp: B1V05S2A B1V05S2A-A B1V05S2A-B B1V05S2B B1V05S2B-A B1V05S2B-B B1V05S2B-D B1V07S2C B1V07S2C-A B1V08S2A B1V08S2A-A B1V08S2A-B B1V08S2B B1V08S2B-A B1V08S2B-B B1V08S2B-C B1V10S2C B1V10S2C-A B1V10S2C-B B1V10S2C-C B1V10S2C-D B1V10S2C-E B1V10S2C-F B1V10S2C-H B1V10S2C-J B1V12S2A-A B1V20S2C-G CA0816SB-A CA0816SB-B CA0816SB-C CA0816SB-D CA1016SB-A CA1016SB-B CA1016SB-C CA1016SB-D CA1016SB-E CA1216SB-A

Comfort-aire: CS-101 CS-101-A CS-101A-A CS-101A-B CS-101-B CS-101-C CS-101-D CS-101-E CS-81 CS-81-A CS-81A-A CS-81A-B CS-81A-C CS-81-B

Hampton Bay: HBV050 HBV050-A HBV050-B HBV050-C HBV050-D HBV050-E HBV050-F HBV075 HBV075-A HBV075-B HBV075-C HBV080-A HBV080-B HBV100 HBV100-A HBV100-B HBV100-C HBV100-D HBV100-E HBV100-F HBV120-A

Climatrol: M3V05S2A-B M3V08S2A-A M3V10S2A-A M3V10S2A-B M3V10S2A-C M3V12S2A-B M6V05S2A*A M6V05S2A*B M6V05S2A*C M6V05S2A*D M6V08S2A*A M6V08S2A*B M6V08S2A*C M6V10S2A*A M6V10S2A*B M6V10S2A*C M6V10S2A*D M6V10S2A*E M6V12S2A*A M6V12S2A*B M6V12S2A*C

Emerson: 5JV53 5JV53-A 5JV53-B 5JV53-C 5JV53-D 7GV73 7GV73-A 8HV53-A 8HV73 8HV73-A 8HV73-B 8JV73 8JV73-A 8JV73-B 8JV73-C

Fedders: A1V05S2A A1V05S2A-A A1V05S2A-B A1V05S2B A1V05S2B-A A1V05S2B-B A1V05S2B-C A1V05S2B-D A1V07S2C A1V07S2C-A A1V08S2C A1V08S2C-A A1V08S2C-B A1V08S2D A1V08S2D-A A1V08S2D-B A1V08S2D-C A1V08S2D-D A1V08S2D-E A1V10S2C A1V10S2C-A A1V10S2C-B A1V10S2C-C A1V10S2C-D A1V10S2C-E A1V10S2C-F A1V10S2C-G A1V10S2C-H A1V10S2C-K A1V12S2A-A A1V12S2A-B

Maytag: M6V10S2A*D

Fedders: A6V10S2A-CF

Kenmore: 484.35745 rev A 484.35748 rev A 484.35750 rev A 484.35750 rev B 484.35752 rev A

Maytag: M3V10S2A-A M3V10S2A-B M3V10S2A-C

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The dimensions for this part are: 12 1/4 x 11 3/4

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$5.40 In Stock

Part: CRC111108460001

Category: Filters

Part Description

Filter 12 1/4 x 11 3/4 x 3/16


12 1/4 x 11 3/4

Additional Information

12 1/4 x 11 3/4. cut to fit. nla at fedders sub.crc111105710001 amf,mfs301875. production 1777

This part is also known as:

CRC111108460001, 111108460001