Part MCM141024110

BURNER, PIPE, 14.75 X 1.125, SAMS

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June 13, 2015

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Grand Hall: MFA05ALP

Members Mark: M3206ALP

Kenmore: 141.16677 141.17677 122.16119

Xps: XH1510

Members Mark: M3207ALP

Kirkland: CGI07ALP

Grill Chef: SS525-B SS525-BNG SS639

Life@home: 25775

Patio Range: CG8400NG SK472B

Kenmore: 141.16688800

Members Mark: M3206ANG

Grand Hall: CGI08ALP

Kenmore: 141.17678801 141.17678800 141.17638900 141.16678800 141.16655900

Grand Cafe: CGI09ALP

Kenmore: 141.16678801 25865-4A 25865-4F

Nex: 720-0341

Grand Cafe: CG108ALP CG109ALP

Grill Chef: SS72B

Kenmore: 720-0341 XH1510

Kirkland: CG107ALP

Patio Range: CG7200LP CG7200NG

Sams: M3206ALP M3206ANG M3207ALP


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Part: MCM141024110

Category: Pipe Burners, Straight, 15 1/2" or less

Part Description

Burner, pipe, 14.75 x 1.125, sams


14.75 x 1.125

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Additional Information

Pipe burner for sams clubs models m3206alp and m3206ang. features formed in ledge above ports to protect from grease. 1 1/8 diameter x 14 3/4. overstock in w-p1k8b

This part is also known as:

P02008016A, MCM10241, P02008032A, 10241, P020080324, P02008066B, P020080324A, MCM141024110, P02008066BTEMP, 141024110, SCTB3

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