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June 29, 2014

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Charbroil: 463234603 463234703

Members Mark: M3206ALP

Fiesta: FG50069

Charmglow: 810-7400-S

Xps: XH1510

Perfect Flame: GSC3318N GSC3318

Charmglow: 810-7400-F 810-8530-S

Patio Chef: SS72LP SS72NG

Fiesta: BP26040

Brinkmann: 810-8500-S

Charbroil: 463460708

Fiesta: FG50069-U409 FG50057

Brinkmann: 810-8530-F

Uniflame: GBC850W

Amana: AM33LP

Fiesta: FG50069-U401

Tuscany: CS812

Amana: AM33LP (2008)

Brinkmann: 810-7400-F 810-7400-S

Amana: AM30LP

Broil-mate: 216964

Fiesta: FGQ65079-U403

Charbroil: 463271309

Tuscany: CS812LP

Fiesta: FG50069-U411

Kenmore: 720-0549

Fiesta: BP26040-BL423

Grill Chef: PAT502

Grillpro: GT6-269784

Patio Range: CG8400NG

Sterling: 17224 17294

Surefire: SF308LP

Tuscany: SH-CS812LP

Uniflame: GBC850W-C GBC850WNG-C GBC940WIR

Amana: AM33LP-P (2008)

Surefire: SF308

Altima: PF30LP

Nex - Old: 720-0649 - Old

Grillpro: 218944

Fiesta: FGF50069-U403

Charmglow: 810-8530-F

Fiesta: FGQ65079-U402 FG50069-401 FGF50069

Patio Range: SS50072NG

Charbroil: 415.16657900

Grillpro: 218544

Amana: AM33LP (2009)

Grillpro: 269747

Nex: 720-0670

Master Forge: E3518-LPG

Charmglow: 810-8500-S

Brinkmann: 810-8530-S

Uniflame: GBC1001W-C GBC1059WB GBC1059WE-C

Sureheat: PFISLP

Brinkmann: 810-8501-S 810-1750-s

Kenmore: 122.16641901 122.16648900

Grillpro: 268784 268524

Charbroil: 463210310 463230510 463460710

Broil-mate: 218984

Kenmore: 16657

Aussie: 6112S8X641 6122S8X641

Grill Chef: BM616 GC616

Kenmore: 16641

Surefire: SF34LP

Uniflame: GBC956W1NG-C

Grill Chef: GC716 GC816

Kenmore: 16648

River Grille: GR1031-012965

Kmart: 640-26629611-0

Kenmore: 640-82960819-9

Fiesta: FG50069-U420

Kenmore: 720-0430

Members Mark: M3206ANG


Jenn Air: 730-0709

Jenn Air - Old: 720-0720 - Old

Grillpro: 268964

Kenmore: 148.16656010

Nex: 720-0670A 720-0650A

Kenmore: 122.16134110 146.16132110

Fiesta: FGQ65079-U411

Coleman: 85-3028-6 G52203 G52204

Master Chef: L3218

Master Forge: P3018 SH3118B B10LG25

Grill Master: 720-0670E

Sams: 730-0691A

Uniflame: GBC1059WB-C GBC1143W-C

Nex - Old: 720-0670C - Old

Grillpro: 218584 218744 218747 268527 268564 268544 268584 268744

Nex: 720-0336D

Charbroil: 463244011 463250811

Brinkmann: 810-8502-S

Charbroil: 463211711

Brinkmann: 810-8534-S

Kenmore - Old: 720-0773 - Old

Charbroil: 463212511 466420911

Aussie: 69F6U00KS1

Grill Chef: GC610

Grillada: GG60000-4B

Kenmore: 146.16133110

Nex - Old: 720-0744 - Old 720-0719BL - Old

Nex: 85-3225-6

Outdoor Gourmet: B09SMG1-3F

Kenmore: 119.16658011

Tera Gear: 1010007A

Uberhaus: 780-0003

Brinkmann: 810-1751-S 810-3551-0

Sonoma: PF30LP

Brinkmann: 810-2451-G

Master Forge: 578489

Broil-mate: 13724

Fiesta: Blue Ember FG50069LP Blue Ember FG50069NG FG50069LP FG50069NG

Grand Cafe: CGI08ALP

Grill Chef: GC7550

Grillmaster - Old: 720-0697 - Old

Grillrite: BP26040

Kenmore: 122.16134 415.16657900 415.16657900G

Kenmore - Old: 720-0650A - Old

Kitchenaid - Old: 720-0336D - Old 720-0745 - Old

Kmart: 640-82960819-9

Master Chef: 85-3100-2 85-3101-0 T480

Master Forge: E3518-LP

Nex: 720-0773

Outdoor Gourmet: B10SR10-C

Patio Range: CG7200LP CG7200NG

Perfect Flame: PF30LP

Sams: 720-0691A

Saturn: JH665SB

Sterling: 1729-4

Surefire: SF892LP

Uberhaus: 720-0430

Master Forge: GR1008-015039

Grand Hall: 6306LP

Backyard Classic: BY12-084-029-98 BY13-101-001-13 GBC1255W

Better Homes And Gardens: BG1755B BH13-101-099-02

Charbroil: C-46G5CB

Duro: 780-0390


Members Mark: B09SMG1-3F

Nex: 720-0430 720-0670E

Outdoor Gourmet: GR2057601-OG-00

Tera Gear: 780-0390

Kenmore: 148.16656011

Brinkmann: 810-4551-0 810-6570-F

Backyard Classic: BGE530BSP BGE530PSP GBC1355W-C

Bhg - Old: 720-0783H - Old

Dyna-glo: DGF510SSP DGF510SSP-D

Kenmore: 640-26629611-0

Master Forge: BG179A

Nex: 720-0888

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Part: MCM050335003

Category: Igniter Spark Generators and Complete Kits

Part Description

Ign spark generator, various

Additional Information

Battery powered 1.5v spark generator with 6 outlets

This part is also known as:

CHRP02502145C, MCM03350, P02502145C, 03350, SP52-20, SRHFCCS3308012, 342-C540, L3018S-00-8007, MCM050335003, qd1.5-6, dhl-128, 331649, 050335003, 119-1750-0, FCCS3308012, 3350, IGEIB6-B, 690672, 075954033503

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