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June 29, 2014
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Part: 4948A10007A

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Orificeqb# orf007a

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Mold pp m560 wj ggrw lwj0510acg sb80 tdr. qb# orf007a product group dehumidifier parts

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This part fits 167 models

Comfort-aire: RA51K RA51VK


Fast: LWHD6500R LWHD6500SR

Friedrich: CP06C10 CP06N10 ZQ05A10B ZQ05A11 ZQ06C10 ZQ07A10B


Goldstar: 35050 35051 35056 72053 72056 72059 75051 81051 BG5200ER GWHD5000 GWHD6005R GWHD6500R GWHD6500RY6 GWHD6507R GWHD6507RY7 GWHD650OR HQ-2051RH KG6000R KP05A10 KP06A10 KP08A10 LW5200E LWC061JGAA2 LWC071JGAA0 LWJ0611PCG M5203R M5403R M5404R M6003R M6004R R-5000A R0500M R5003 R5204 R5205 R5207 R5208 R6003 R6004 R6004A R7003 WG5000 WG5200ER WG5200R WG6000R WG6005R WM-6011 WM-6021 WR-5210 WR-5220 WR-6010 WR-6020

Hampton Bay: HBLG5200 HBLG5200E HBLG6000R

Kenmore: 580.52300200 580.72056 200 580.72056200 580.72059 200 580.72059200 580.75051200 580.75051500 71073

Lg: 580.72059200 ACQ052PK ACQ058PL BG5200ER BG8000ER CP06C10 GWHD6500R GWHD6507R HBLG5000 HBLG5200E HBLG6000R HWC051JFMK3 HWC061JAMK7 HWC061JGMK3 HWC061JGMK4 HWC061JGMK5 KG5200ER L6004R L6004RA LW050CE LW5200E LW5200ER LW5200R LW7000R LWC051JAAA1 LWC051JAMK1 LWC051JAMK2 LWC051JFMK2 LWC051JGAA1 LWC051JGMK2 LWC051JPAA0 LWC051JPAA1 LWC061JFMJ0 LWC061JGAA1 LWC061JGAA2 LWC061JGMK1 LWC061JMJ0 LWC061JPAA1 LWC061JPAA2 LWC061JPMK0 LWC071JGAA0 LWC0810ACG LWC081GGMK0 LWC081GPAF0 LWC081KLMK1 LWC081KLPA1 LWC081KRPA1 LWHD6500SR LWJ0512PCG LWJ0512PGG LWJ0514ACG LWJ0515ACG LWJ0515ACP LWJ0515ACW LWJ0515PAG LWJ0515PCG LWJ0710ACG M5203L R-5000A R5050Y3 R5203 R5204 R5206 R6003 R6004 R6004A R7000 R7003 WG6000RH4 WG6005R WG6007R WM-5031 WR-5220 WR-6010 WR-6020 ZQ06C10

Panasonic: CW-C51GU CW-C61GU CW-XC54HK CW-XC54HU

Quasar: HQ-2051RH HQ-2051SH HQ-2051TH HQ-2052UH

Whirlpool: ACD052PK ACM062PK ACQ052PK ACQ058PL ACQ062PK RA51G0

Zenith: ZW6500R

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