Part MCM131623116


      Bought replacement burner tube and heat diffuser for BBQ pit. They were exact fit and good quality. They were packaged well in a sturdy box, and arrived a couple of days earlier than expected.

October 31, 2014

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This part fits 44 models

Kenmore: 119.162310 119.162300 BQ06WIC

Members Mark: BQ06043-1

Coleman: 9998

Kenmore: 119.16301 119.16301800 119.16302 119.16311 119.16311800 119.16312 162300 16301 16302 16311 16312

Outdoor Gourmet: BQ070E4-A BQ06043-1 BQ06W1B BQ06WIC

Sams: BQ06043-1

Kenmore: 119.16302800 119.16312800 119.16240 119.16433010

Kmart: 640-784047-110

Kenmore: 119.16434010 119.16658010 119.16670010 119.16676800 119.17676800 B10SR8-A1

Omaha Grill: BQ06043-1

Outdoor Gourmet: B09SMG1-3F

Kenmore: 119.16658011

Bbq-pro: BQ05041-28 BQ51009

Kenmore: BQ06W1B

Outdoor Gourmet: B070E4-A B10SR10-C

Sams: Members Mark B09SMG-3

Members Mark: B09SMG-3 B09SMG1-3F

Kenmore: 640-784047-110

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The dimensions for this part are: 15 3/8 inches with 1 inch diameter

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Part: MCM131623116

Category: Pipe Burners, Straight, 15 1/2" or less

Part Description

Burner, ss, 15.375 x 1; kenmore


15 3/8 inches with 1 inch diameter

Quantity In Pack




Additional Information

15 3/8 by 1 inch

This part is also known as:

SD0011-1, MCM16231, 16231, B06W1B-6-B7, SD0024-A, SD0015-A, SD0045-A, SD0024-1, CHRSD0024-A, MCM131623116, 131623116, SCTB1, SD0024A, 075954162319

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