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September 6, 2014

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Perfect Flame: 720-0335

Bakers And Chefs: MEV808ALP

Nex: 720-0582

Nex - Old: 720-0649 - Old 720-0677 - Old 720-0665 - Old

Kenmore: 122.16648900

Nex: 720-0691A

Jenn Air - Old: 720-0709 - Old

Kenmore: 16648 640-82960819-9

Sams: MEV808ALP Bakers & Chefs MEV808ALP

Kenmore: 720-0430

Jenn Air: 730-0709

Kenmore: 122.16431010

Jenn Air - Old: 720-0727 - Old 720-0720 - Old

Nex: 720-0584A 720-0650A 720-0745

Members Mark - Old: 720-0582B - Old

Grill Master: 720-0670E

Sams: 730-0691A

Nex: 720-0336D

Aussie: 69F6U00KS1

Nex - Old: 720-0718N - Old

Nex: 720-0718A

Uberhaus: 780-0003

Members Mark - Old: 720-0778A - Old

Duro: 720-0584A

Kenmore - Old: 720-0650A - Old

Kitchenaid - Old: 720-0336D - Old

Jenn Air: 720-0727

Kitchenaid - Old: 720-0745 - Old

Kmart: 640-82960819-9

Sams: 720-0582 720-0584A 720-0691A Members Mark 720-0582 Members Mark 720-0582B Members Mark 720-0584A

Uberhaus: 720-0430

Jenn Air - Old: 720-0709B - Old

Kitchenaid - Old: 720-0733 - Old

Members Mark - Old: 720-0582 - Old 720-0584A - Old 720-0691A - Old

Members Mark: 720-0709B 730-0691A

Nex: 720-0335 720-0430 720-0582B 720-0670E 720-0709 720-0709B

Nex - Old: 720-0718B - Old 720-0718C - Old

Nex: 720-0720 720-0733 720-0778A

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Part: MCM050335113

Category: Igniter Electrodes

Part Description

Electrode; perfect flame



Quantity In Pack


Additional Information

Burner-mounted electrode

This part is also known as:

MCM03351, 03351, MCM050335113, 050335113, 3351, 075954033510

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