Part NEX2665


      The product was easy to find on their website and it was what they said it was. The item shipped to me in a reasonable amount of time.

March 29, 2017

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Part: NEX2665

Category: Burners and Venturi

Part Description

Rotisserie burner


15 3/4 x 3 1/4 inches

Quantity In Pack


Additional Information

For models 720-0003/11/18/21/26/62/100/108/133(lp/ng)/23/47/50/67/103/104/105/141/145/138/152(lp/ng)/193/274/289/294/327 (720-730) was 916238 web30500003 pull orifice.0163/164/171/336/337/339/511/512/586/860-0193/432/ (740-750)0141//593/594a

This part is also known as:

C0902, 65720-0289, 6720-0062-LP, IB720-0018, REAR720-0108, RB720-0133, 59720-0026, 6-720-0100, 6-720-0138, 6-720-0141, 6-720-0164, 56-720-0171, 8-720-0336, 8-720-0337, 40-720-0339, 111-720-0432, INFBUR720-0062-LP, BURNROT720-0171, 8720-0103, IFDBUR720-0050-LP, 45730-0337, 56720-0145, 11750-0141, 11740-0141, 13740-0141, 55720-0104NG, 8730-0336, BURNERIR720-0141, BURNERIR720-0100, 2665, nex2665, 40-730-0339, 916238, NEX916238