Part QBP15QBP3932

Turntable mo

      I ordered parts for my electric smoker and they came promptly. The parts even had instructions on how to change them.

January 31, 2017

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Ge: JEM31M03 JE730WA01 JE740BH01 JE740GY01 JE740WH01 JE740WY01 JEM25BF01 JEM25BF02 JEM25WF01 JEM25WF02 JEM31BF01 JEM31BF02 JEM31CA01 JEM31CF01 JEM31CF02 JEM31SA01 JEM31SF01 JEM31SF02 JEM31WA01 JEM31WF01 JEM31WF02 JEM31WV01 JEM31WV02 JEM31WY01 JE1250WY01 JE610BF001 JE610WF001 JE620BF001 JE620WF001 JE740GY003 JE740GY010 JE740WY003 JE740WY010 JEM25BF001 JEM25DM1BB JEM25DM1WW JEM25DM2BB JEM25DM2WW JEM25DM3BB JEM25DM3WW JEM25WF001 JEM31BF001 JEM31CF001 JEM31SF001 JEM31WF001 JES733WY01 JES733WY02 JES831WB01 PEM31DM1BB PEM31DM1CC PEM31DM1WW PEM31DM2BB PEM31DM2CC PEM31DM2WW PEM31DM3BB PEM31DM3CC PEM31DM3WW PEM31SM1SS PEM31SM2SS PEM31SM3SS ZEM200BF01 ZEM200BF02 ZEM200BF03 ZEM200BF04 ZEM200BF05 ZEM200SF01 ZEM200SF02 ZEM200SF03 ZEM200SF04 ZEM200SF05 ZEM200WF01 ZEM200WF02 ZEM200WF03 ZEM200WF04 ZEM200WF05 JES1034WF02 JES1131GB01 JES1243GA01 JES1244WA01 JES1334BH02 JES1334SD01 JES1334WD01 JES1456BJ01 JES1456BJ02 JES1456BJ03 JES1456BJ04 JES1456BJ05 JES1456WJ01 JES1456WJ02 JES1456WJ03 JES1456WJ04 JES1456WJ05 JES611WC001 JES611WF001 JES636WD001 JES733WY010 JES831WB002 JES831WF001 JES939WD001 JES939WD002 ZEM200BF001 ZEM200SF001 ZEM200WF001 JEM1040DM1BB JES1034WF001 JES1039WF001 JES1131GB002 JES1131WC002 JES1160DP1BB JES1160DP1WW JES1231WC001 JES1231WD001 JES1231WD002 JES1235BF001 JES1235WF001 JES1244GC001 JES1244WC001 JES1334BH001 JES1334SD001 PEM1050DM1BB PEM1050DM1CC PEM1050DM1WW PEM1050SM1SS JES1244GB001 JES1334WD001

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The dimensions for this part are: Voltage: 21 rpm: 5/6" watts: 3/2.5 shaft length: 9/16" shaft diameter: 0.275

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Part: QBP15QBP3932

Category: Motors and Blades

Part Description

Turntable mo


Voltage: 21 rpm: 5/6" watts: 3/2.5 shaft length: 9/16" shaft diameter: 0.275

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This part is also known as:

QBP15QBP3932, 15QBP3932, GEHWB26X10024, WB26X10024, 153932

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