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September 6, 2014

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Part: 6010W2P037A

Category: Transformers

Part Description


Additional Information

Product group=microwave. this part is no longer available and we have none in stock. there are no substitutions or sources available.

This part is also known as:


This part fits 168 models

Amana: ACM1120AB ACM1120AS ACM1120AW

Dometic: CDMW10MB-1 CDMW10MW-1 CDMW14B CDMW14W

Lg: CDMW14W F1320W F1320E

Ge: JES1033BB JES1033WB JES1133WD

Maytag: M3X05F2A*G

Goldstar: MA-1000B MA-1000W MA-1002W MA-1005W MA-1010W MA-1103W MA-1200B MA-1200W MA-1202B MA-1202W MA-1300B MA-1300W MA-1301RV MA-1302B MA-1302W MA-1303BRV MA-1305B MA-1305W MA-1500B MA-1500W MA-1502B MA-1502W MA1905B MA-784B MA-960M MA-961M MA-972M MA-972MW MA1720B MA1720W MA2120W

Whirlpool: MB1110SLQ

Lg: MS-103XD

Goldstar: MS-104YC MS-105YG MS-110YG MS-113YE MS-113YG MS-114YE MS-132XC MS-133XC MS-133XD MS-134XD MS-141YG MS-152XC MS-60BM

Whirlpool: MT1100SHB-0 MT1100SHQ MT1105SHQ-2 MT1120SLB MT1120SLQ MT1130SGB MT1130SGQ MT1130SGZ MT1131SGQ MT1151SGB MT1151SGQ MT4110RPB-0 MT4110RPQ-0 MT4110SKQ MT4140SKB MT4140SKQ MT4140SKT MT4210SKB MT210SKQ MT4210SKT MT4210SLB MT4210SLQ YMT1151SGQ YMT4110SKQ


Kenmore: 89929 89920 767.8892900 767.8892000 87929 87920 60102 60109

Frigidaire: KM362W

Lg: KM362W

Frigidaire: KM422W

Lg: KM422W KMS-103MD

Kenmore: 721.62223

Lg: 88910 DMW14MB MS-154XC JES1535WY 721.61820100

Kenmore: 721.68100 721.69109 721.89652.590 767.8210800 87138 87139 89130

Lg: MS-102MC JES1033BA MA-1002B MA-972MW

Kenmore: 721.68101890

Lg: jes735wd jes735wy

Whirlpool: mt1111skq

Lg: 863-0758 JES1033WA-MWEGE

Dometic: DMW14MB

Lg: 721.6920089 88920 DMW10B DMW13MB DMW13MW M1020E M1020W MA-1505W MS-104YP MS-134XC MT0130SJB-0 MT0150SJQ-0 MT1100SHQ-2 MT4210SKQ LMS-1720TW MA1305B MT4110SKQ1 YMT4110SKQ1 MT4110SKB1 MS-147RV MS-147YT

Amana: ACM1120AS1

Ge: JES1133WD1

Lg: MS-114YP

Whirlpool: PMWM11SLM1

Kenmore: 88929 89652

Lg: MS-74MA

Ge: JES1033BA01 JES1033BB01 JES1033WA01 JES1033WB01 JES1133PN01 JES1133PN02 JES1133PN03 JES1133WD01 JES1133WN01 JES1133WN02 JES1133WN03 JES1133WN04 JES1133WN05 JES1133WN06 JES1133WNP01 JES1133WNP02 JES1133WNP03

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Capacitors | Controls | GE Parts | Microwave Parts | Motors and Blades | Other Parts | Transformers

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Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
06120W3H003G6120W3H003G - Use 0czzw1h004a High Voltage Capacitor
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Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
14QBP20CFB14QBP20CFB - Fuse Ceramic 20a
Quantity: 1
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00DD414809AB0DD414809AB - Diode
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Not Available
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03B73362E - Use 3b73362f Micro Switch
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GE Parts

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GEHWB06X10095GEHWB06X10095 - Rotating Ring Assy M.
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GEHWB27X10107GEHWB27X10107 - Diode Assy Diode+cab
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GEHWB01X10055GEHWB01X10055 - Microwave Plastic Rivet
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GEHWB24X10029GEHWB24X10029 - Use Wb24x10047 Microwave Switch
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Microwave Parts

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06912W3B002K6912W3B002K - Incandescent Lamp
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06324W1A001L6324W1A001L - Microwave Magnetron
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Motors and Blades

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02B72754K2B72754K - Ac Synchronous Motor
Quantity: 1
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Not Available
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Other Parts

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06908W3YA01C - Buzzer
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03536WRA001N - Sealing Tape
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Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
06010W2P037A - Transformer,linear
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Not Available
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Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
MW06TMW06T - Glisten Microwave Cleaner
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T812T812 - Cutting Board 8 X12 Inch
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1788517885 - Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning 8 Oz
Quantity: 1
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Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
98QBP030298QBP0302 - Microwave Oven Cavity Paint In Snowwhite
Quantity: 1
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47504750 - Magic Lights Microwave Oven Tester
Quantity: 1
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98QBP030098QBP0300 - Microwave Oven Cavity Paint In Off White
Quantity: 1
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