Part 6324W1A001H


      I gave them the model # and specified what else I needed, and it was taken care of no hassle no problems. I THANK THEM very much.

June 18, 2016

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Amana: ACM1120AB ACM1120AW ACM1460AW ACM1580AB ACM1580AC ACM1580AS ACM1580AW ACM2160AB ACM2160AC ACM2160AS ACM2160AW

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Part: 6324W1A001H

Category: Microwave Parts

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Was 6324w1a001l 10qbp1006 product group microwave parts ^

This part is also known as:

QBP10QBP1006, QBP10QBP1002, 6324W1A001L, 6324W1A001A, 6324W1A001H, 6324W1A001E, 10QBP1002, 10QBP1006, GEHWB27X10309, 6324w1a001y, WB27X10309, 2M246-01TAG