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March 30, 2017

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This part fits 235 models

Dometic: CDMW14W

Crosley: CMT135SGW

Lg: F1320W F1320E F1331E F1331W F1361E F1361W

Dometic: DOTR12CWIV

Ge: JE1340BC JE1340WAC

Kitchenaid: KCMC155JBL

Whirlpool: KCMS135GBL

Ge: JE1340WB JE1360GB JE1440BF JE1440BF-002 JE1460BF JE1460-002 JE1460WF JE1460WF-002 JES1339BC JES1339WC JES1351PWD JES1351WB JES1451BJ JES1451BJ02 JES1451WJ JES1451WJ02

Maytag: M3X05F2A*G

Goldstar: MA-1000B MA-1000W MA-1001S MA-1005W MA-1103W MA-1117B MA-1117W MA-1200B MA-1200W MA-1202B MA-1202W MA-1300B MA-1300W MA-1301RV MA-1301S MA-1302B MA-1302S MA-1302W MA-1303BRV MA-1305B MA-1305W MA-1403B MA-1403W MA-1417B MA-1417W MA-1420W MA-1500B MA-1500W MA-1502B MA-1502W MA-900WM

Whirlpool: MB1110SLQ KCMS135GWH

Kitchenaid: KCMS1555RSS

Whirlpool: KCMS1555RSS

Goldstar: MS-109SC MS-113YE MS-114SA MS-114YE

Lg: MS-117SE MS-118SE

Goldstar: MS-132XC MS-133SE MS-133XC MS-133XD MS-133YD MS-134XD MS-134YD MS-139SC

Lg: MS-143YE MS-144YE MS-145SE

Goldstar: MS-152XC MS-193SC

Whirlpool: MT1100SHB-0 MT1100SHQ MT1105SHQ-2 MT1130SGB MT1130SGQ MT1130SGZ MT1131SGQ MT1135SGB MT1135SGQ MT1151SGB MT1151SGQ MT4155SPB MT4155SPQ MT4155SPT MT4155SPS MT4155SPB-1 MT4155SPT-1

Goldstar: MV-1304B MV1304W

Kitchenaid: KCMS1555RWH-1

Whirlpool: KCMS1555RWH-1

Kitchenaid: KCMS1555RWH-0

Whirlpool: KCMS1555RWH-0

Kitchenaid: KCMS1555RBL-0

Whirlpool: KCMS1555RBL-0

Kitchenaid: KCMS1555RBT-0

Whirlpool: KCMS1555RBT-0

Kitchenaid: KCMS1555RBL-1

Whirlpool: KCMS1555RBL-1

Kitchenaid: KCMS1555RBT-1

Whirlpool: KCMS1555RBT-1

Kitchenaid: KCMS1555RSS-1

Whirlpool: KCMS1555RSS-1



Whirlpool: YKCMS1555RSS

Kitchenaid: YKCMS1555RWH

Whirlpool: YMT1151SGQ YMT4155SPB YMT4155SPQ YMT4155SPS

Kenmore: 767.8892900 767.8892000 87929 87920 767.8701000

Frigidaire: KM362W

Lg: KM362W

Frigidaire: KM36SW KM422W

Lg: KM422W

Kenmore: 721.63352 721.63352301 633559 721.63359301 721.65052

Lg: 88910 767.8801900 767.8801000 MS-154XC JES1535WY LMV1314B LMV1314SV LMV1314W DOTR12CSIV MV-134TR DOTR12CB DOTR12CS DOTR12CW MA1420W MS-1543WSZ

Kenmore: 767.8702000 767.8702900 767.8802000 767.8703000 767.8803000 767.8712000 87138 87139 767.8714000 767.8779000 767.8879000 87930 767.8893000

Lg: MS-102MC MS-154SU 863-0758 MV-133TR MS-1444Y MS-144SD KCMS1555RBL KCMS1555RBT KCMS1555RWH MV-1304W 69211 721.6821189 721.6828179 721.6920089

Kenmore: 721.6921189.0

Lg: 87030 87140 87790 88790 88920 CMT135SGW0 DMW10B DMW13MB DMW13MW F1340E F1340L F1340W F1560E F1560W JE1350GA JE1350WA JE1360GA

Whirlpool: KCMS135GBT

Lg: M1020E M1020W MA-1505W MS-134XC YMT1135SGQ

Kenmore: 767.8801 767.88019

Lg: MA1305B MS-147RV LMA1560SB MS-147ZK MS-1541ZQ MS-1541ZSQ MS-1543WSY

Kenmore: 87120 88929

Kitchenaid: YKCMS135GBT.0

Ge: JE1340BC01 JE1340WB01 JE1350WA01 JE1360GA01 JE1360GB01 JE1360WC01 JE1440BF001 JE1440BF002 JES1451BJ01 JES1451WJ01

Goldstar: MS-144YE

Lg: MS1545ABS

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One more thing! Please also check this part matches your dimension:

The dimensions for this part are: Roller diameter: 9/16\

Different manufacturers can have the exact same part number. A great way to check that the part matches your appliance is by ensuring your measurements are the same as ours! Please contact us if you need help.

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Part: 5889W1A005B

Category: Other Parts

Part Description

Turntable assembly


Roller diameter: 9/16\



Additional Information

Was 5889w1a005a null product group microwave parts. can sub wb06x10549 ^

This part is also known as:

QBP80QBP7161, 5889W2A011A, 5889W1A005B, 80QBP7161, 5889W1A005A, B01JKT0NEE, 522760648, 717449149244

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