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September 6, 2014
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Part: 3B73362E

Category: Controls

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Part Description

Use 3b73362f micro switch

Additional Information

Product group=microwave

This part is also known as:


This part fits 290 models

Lg: EXV1511BS

Whirlpool: GH7155XKQ

Bosch: HMV8050 HMV9303/03

Ge: JES1033BB JES1033WB

Lg: JVM1542BF-01 JVM1542BF-02

Ge: JVM1542WF

Lg: JVM1542WF-01 JVM1542WF-02

Ge: JVM1542WF-03

Lg: JVM1630BH JVM1630CH JVM1630WH JVM1630WJ JVM1631BH JVM1631BJ JVM1631CH JVM1631CJ JVM1631WH JVM1631WJ JVM1640AH JVM1640AJ JVM1640BH

Ge: JVM1640WJ JVM1640SJ JVM1640WH

Goldstar: MA-1000W MA-1202W MA-2003B MA-780MU MA-782M MA-972M MA-972MW MC-1000B

Magic Chef: MC-1004

Whirlpool: MH7135XEB-2 MH7135XEQ-2

Lg: MS-103XD

Goldstar: MS-104YD MS-114SA MS-133SE MS-134YD

Ge: MS-74ME

Goldstar: MV-1555ST MV-1725B MV-1725W MV1304W MV1502B MV1615W MV1735W MS-103YD

Kenmore: 721.62649 721.62644 721.62642 721.62624 721.62629 721.63292 721.63299

Lg: 721.63763 721.63764 721.63769

Kenmore: 721.64762 721.64763 721.64764 721.64769

Lg: MS-154XC LMV1314B LMV1314SV LMV1314W MV-134TR MF-1561JS MF-1562JLS MS-101AM MV-154SJ EXV1511BQ MV-1541AY

Kenmore: 79602

Lg: 79609

Kenmore: 721.61283100

Lg: MV-1544E MV-1544EL MV-1642KLST MV-1643ASY MV-1155SC

Kenmore: 721.80802400 721.80804400 721.80809400 721.80822500 721.80824500 721.80829500 721.80823500

Lg: LMVM1945SW MV-1644ATSL MS-102MC JES1033BA LMVM1955SBQ LMVM1955ST MV-1943BQS MV-2052RLQV MV-2052RQV GH9115XEQ-1 MV-1642G MV-1642KT LMV1925SB LMV1925SBQ LMV1925SW MV-1943BSL MA-972MW MV-174DC MV-1843BSY MV-1942ASTY LMVM1935SB LMVM1935T LMVM1935SW LMV1976ST MV-196N MQ-1745AT MQ-1745ATL DOTRC17BC DOTRC17SSC MV-2047BMS LMVM2075SB LMVM1935SBQ 63689 63663 63669 64763 63763 64769 63769 63764 63762 MV-1943BS MV-1743MC MV-1743MCL MV-1745KC MV-1745KCL MV-1773MAB MV-1773MABL ms-74meu DOTRC17B MV-2044KMF MV-2044KMFL MV-2045KMF MV-2045KMFL MV-1644AQS MV-133TR MD-0942KT MD-0943AT LTM9000ST MD-0953ATL MD-1243KTL MF-1562JS JES1033WA-MWEGE MV-1643BSY MV-1643BTY MV-1541X MS-184SU MV-1942BQSV DOTRC17SS MV-1644AQSL

Kenmore: 80492

Lg: MV-1555ST MV-1304W MZ-1285GC DOTRM12CWIV MV-1132SC MV-1136SC MV-1142CJ MV-1541M MV-1544DJ MV-1544MD

Whirlpool: MH6150XLB-1 MH6150XLB

Kenmore: 80403 80409 85149

Lg: JVM1542BF-0 JVM1542WF-0 LMV1915NV LMV1915NVBS LMV1975ST MV-1642AY MV-1642GT

Kenmore: 60483 61283

Lg: 62482 721.612831

Kenmore: 85130 85138 85139 85140 85143

Lg: MV-187 63664 MF-1561JLS MV-1501MG MV-1501W

Kenmore: 67902 67903 67909 80822 80823 80824 62462 62463 63293 63299 721.612831.0

Ge: JVM1542WF-0 JVM1631BH-003 JES1033BA01 JES1033BB01 JES1033WA01 JES1033WB01 JVM1542WF03 JVM1630BB01 JVM1630BB02 JVM1630BB03 JVM1630BJ01 JVM1630BJ02 JVM1630BJ03 JVM1630BK01 JVM1630CJ01 JVM1630CJ02 JVM1630CJ03 JVM1630CK01 JVM1630WB01 JVM1630WB02 JVM1630WB03 JVM1630WJ01 JVM1630WJ02 JVM1630WJ03 JVM1630WK01 JVM1631BJ01 JVM1631BJ02 JVM1631BJ03 JVM1631BK01 JVM1631CJ01 JVM1631CJ02 JVM1631CJ03 JVM1631WJ01 JVM1631WJ02 JVM1631WJ03 JVM1631WK01 JVM1640AH01 JVM1640AJ01 JVM1640AJ02 JVM1640SJ01 JVM1640SJ02 JVM1640SJ03 JVM1640WJ01 JVM1640WJ02 JVM1640WJ03 JVM1542WF001 JVM1542WF002 JVM1630BB001 JVM1630BB002 JVM1630BB003 JVM1630BB005 JVM1630BB006 JVM1630BB007 JVM1630BH001 JVM1630BH002 JVM1630BH003 JVM1630CH001 JVM1630CH002 JVM1630CH003 JVM1630WB001 JVM1630WB002 JVM1630WB003 JVM1630WB005 JVM1630WB006 JVM1630WB007 JVM1630WH001 JVM1630WH002 JVM1630WH003 JVM1631BH001 JVM1631BH002 JVM1631BH003 JVM1631CH001 JVM1631CH002 JVM1631CH003 JVM1631WH001 JVM1631WH002 JVM1631WH003 JVM1640BH001 JVM1640WH001

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Part Categories for GE JES1033BA01:

Capacitors | Controls | GE Parts | Microwave Parts | Motors and Blades | Other Parts | Transformers

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Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
06120W3H003G6120W3H003G - Use 0czzw1h004a High Voltage Capacitor
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Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
14QBP20CFB14QBP20CFB - Fuse Ceramic 20a
Quantity: 1
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00DD414809AB0DD414809AB - Diode
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Not Available
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03B73362E - Use 3b73362f Micro Switch
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GE Parts

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GEHWB06X10095GEHWB06X10095 - Rotating Ring Assy M.
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GEHWB27X10107GEHWB27X10107 - Diode Assy Diode+cab
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GEHWB01X10055GEHWB01X10055 - Microwave Plastic Rivet
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GEHWB24X10029GEHWB24X10029 - Use Wb24x10047 Microwave Switch
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Microwave Parts

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06912W3B002K6912W3B002K - Incandescent Lamp
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06324W1A001L6324W1A001L - Microwave Magnetron
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Motors and Blades

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02B72754K2B72754K - Ac Synchronous Motor
Quantity: 1
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Not Available
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Other Parts

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06908W3YA01C - Buzzer
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03536WRA001N - Sealing Tape
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Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
06010W2P037A - Transformer,linear
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Not Available
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MW06TMW06T - Glisten Microwave Cleaner
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T812T812 - Cutting Board 8 X12 Inch
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1788517885 - Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning 8 Oz
Quantity: 1
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98QBP030298QBP0302 - Microwave Oven Cavity Paint In Snowwhite
Quantity: 1
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47504750 - Magic Lights Microwave Oven Tester
Quantity: 1
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98QBP030098QBP0300 - Microwave Oven Cavity Paint In Off White
Quantity: 1
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