Part 04160109


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July 21, 2016

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Part: 04160109

Category: Cooking Grids

Part Description



21 1/2 x 14 11/16

Additional Information

Prod 55801 cut 21.5

This part is also known as:

04160109, 4160109, 04160109S, QBP04160109TEMP, 04160109TEMP

This part fits 247 models

Arkla: 3501K 3551K 4702K 4752K GA351517

Broil King: 6541-34

Charmglow: 351BC 475EC C353B C354B C474B C474B-1 C474E C474E-1 CT3402W CT3402W-S GC352517 GC355817 GC455517

Grill Master: AG540E AG540EB AG540EP AG540WB AT540EB AT540EP AT540EP9 AT540W AT540WS CG441EP9 GG441EB GG441EP GG441EP9 GG441EPB GG441EPB9 GG441EPWB GG441H GG441H9 GG441HB GG441HB9 GG441HPB9 GG441HW GG540EP GG540EP9 GG540EPB GG540EPB9 GG540W GG540W9 GG540WB GG540WB9 GG540WPB9 GT441EPB GT441H GT441HW GT540EPB GT540EPBC GT540W GT540W9 GT540WX9 HG5409EPB HG540EPB WG441H9 WG541EPB WG541HPB9

Grillpro: 0541-34 0542-34 0651-34 0652-34 3553-14

Kenmore: 920.16201

Sunbeam: 24002 24102 24203 25214 25421 25511 3500E 351A1 351BL 351BL-1 351CX 3522E 3524E 352B5 352C5 3533A 3533B 3538A 353A2 353B2 3544E 3553B 3554E 356B1 356E1 3573B 35GC8 35GD7 35XA1 35XA3 35XB2 35XE4 400CC 402EC 403AC 404EC 4700B 472C5 472C7 472C7-1 472CM 4743C 4743C-1 4744A 4744A-1 4749C 4749C-1 474BL 474D1 474D1-1 4754B 475E7 475LA 475LA-1 4764B 4764B-1 4764B-2 4764C 4764C-1 476C3 4770D 4774E 4780D 4780D-1 47B59-0 47B64-1 47D79-0 47GD7 47GD7-1 47XB2 47XC5 47XE3 47XE4 47XE7 520CC 520CC-1 523EC 523EC-1 523EC-2 524EC 524EC-1 525EC 525ECM-5 525ECML5 A350E-5 A350K-5 A3543 A3558 B353C B353CL-5 B353CLM-5 B472C B473C B473CL-5 B4744 B4749 B4754 B475X B4764 CT3402W E350E8 E475C5 E475E8 E478ME8 EG5402RPB GL352317 GL454517 GS351427 GS352227 GS352327 GS352417 GS352517 GS352527 GS352627 GS355517 GS355617 GS357427 GS357517 GS357527 GS357917 GS359517 GS359527 GS359617 GS452227 GS452617 GS452617L GS454517 GS454517L GS454617 GS454627 GS454717 GS454817 GS455427 GS455517 GS455517L GS455517M GS457417 GS457517 GS457717 HG5400EPB HG5409EPB SG3400EB SG3400HB SG3400HPB SG3401 SG3401HB SG3401WB SG3401WP SG3402R SG3402RB SG3402WB SG4410H SG5400EPB SG5402R SG5402RB SG5433R SG5433RPB SG6420EP SG6420EPB SG6433R SG6433RPB ST3400EB ST3401EB ST3401WB ST3402R ST3402RB ST3402WB ST5402R ST5402RB ST5433R ST5433RPB WG3400HB WG3401 WG3421 WG441H9 WG541EPB WG541HPB9 WT3400HB

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