Part BTKCC3036


      Bought replacement burner tube and heat diffuser for BBQ pit. They were exact fit and good quality. They were packaged well in a sturdy box, and arrived a couple of days earlier than expected.

October 31, 2014

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Bbq Grillware: GSC2418 GPF2414 GSF2616

Perfect Flame: SLG2007B

Bbq Grillware: GSC2418N

Perfect Flame: SLG2006C

[email protected]: GPC2619J GL450SKP

Perfect Flame: SLG2006B

[email protected]: GSC3218J

Bbq Grillware: GAT1913

[email protected]: GPC2618J GSC2418J GSC2818JN gsc2318j

Perfect Flame: SLG2006BN SLG2006CN SLG2007BN SLG2007DN SLG2008A

Bbq Grillware: GPF2414C BC1401 GPF2414NS

Bond: GSC3218WA

Bbqtek: GSS3219A SSS3416TB

[email protected]: gpf2718j

Bbqtek: GSC3219TA GSC3219TN

Bond: GSS2520JA GSF20JDS GSF2818KH GSF2818KS GSS2116B GPC2700JC

Bbqtek: GSF3016H

[email protected]: GSS2818J

Bbqtek: GSF2818K GSF3016E

Presidents Choice: SSS3416TCS

Bbqtek: GSF2616AC

Broil Chef: BC300E GSF2616AK

Tera Gear: GSF3916 GSF3916D GSS3220A

[email protected]: GSF2616JBN

Bbq Grillware: GAT1913A

Bbqtek: BC1401-Charcoal GSF3016A GSF3016HN GSC3218WB GSC2418JBN GSF2818KL-HD GSS3219B GSF2818KSN GSS3219AN SSS3416TBS SSS3416TBSN GSF2818KM GSF2818KMN GPF2414AE SSS3416TC GSF20JD GST1811A GPT1813G GSF2818KL-SS-HD

Bhg - Old: GSF2818KL

Bond: GPC2700JE GSS1916A GSF2818KS- GAC3615

Broil Chef: GPC2700JD GSF2616AKN GSS2520JAN GSF2818KS-2 GSF2818KS-SS BC300N BC300 BC300EN EC240 GSF2616AC-1

[email protected]: GPC2700J GPC2700JB GPF2718JB GSF2616J GSF2616JB GSC2318JN GSF2616JC GSC2418JB GSC2818J GSC3218JN GSC2418JN GSS2818JN GSC3218JB GSC3218JBN GST1811 KP1711 PG21519B GST1912L PC1924

Presidents Choice: GSC3218C GSC3218CN SSS3416TCSN GSS3220JS GSS3220JSN

Tera Gear: GSF3916N GSS3220AN PC14 GPC2700JD-4

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Part: BTKCC3036

Category: Handles

Special Order

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Part Description

Handles detach to allow the griller to c

Additional Information

Lose the grill lid during cooking. keeping the lid closed speeds cooking time, increases food contact with smoke and reduces flare-ups. removable rosewood handle. non-stick

This part is also known as:

BTKCC3036, CC3036

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