Part BTKLG2007D-10-00


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September 1, 2014

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Perfect Flame: SLG2007DN

Bbqtek: GSS3219A GSC3219TA GSC3219TN

Bond: GSF2818KS

Bbqtek: GSF3016H GSF2818K

Tera Gear: GSS3220A GSS3418-2L

Bbqtek: GSF3016HN GSC3218WB GSF2818KL-HD GSS3219B GSF2818KSN GSS3219AN GSF2818KM GSF2818KMN GSF2818KL-SS-HD

Bhg - Old: GSF2818KL

Bond: GSF2818KS-

Presidents Choice: GSC3218C GSC3218CN GSS3220JS GSS3220JSN

Tera Gear: GSS3220AN GSS3418N-2L GSF2818A GSF2818AN

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Part: BTKLG2007D-10-00

Category: Rotisseries

Special Order

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Part Description

Rotisserie burner (rb)

This part is also known as:

BTKLG2007D-10-00, LG2007D-10-00

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