Part WEB88209


      Bought replacement burner tube and heat diffuser for BBQ pit. They were exact fit and good quality. They were packaged well in a sturdy box, and arrived a couple of days earlier than expected.

October 31, 2014

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Weber: SUMMIT S-420 LP (2007) SUMMIT S-420 NG (2007) SUMMIT S-440 LP BUILT IN (2007) SUMMIT S-440 NG BUILT IN (2007) SUMMIT S-450 LP (2007) SUMMIT S-450 NG (2007) SUMMIT S-620 LP (2007) SUMMIT S-640 LP BUILT IN (2007) SUMMIT S-640 NG BUILT IN (2007) SUMMIT S-650 NG (2007) SUMMIT E-620 NG (2008)

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Part: WEB88209

Category: Hardware

Part Description

Hardware for control panel, summit 2007

This part is also known as:

WEB88209, 88209