Part MCM202330113

BURNER, PIPE, CI, 15.75 X 2.875; AUSSIE,

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October 4, 2014

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This part fits 236 models

Thermos: 47629

Charbroil: 463241004

Coleman: 5100 9990-132

Bakers And Chefs: Y0655 LPG

Jenn Air: 720-0100-NG 720-0062-LP 720-0139-NG

Bakers And Chefs: Y0656

Charbroil: 463247404 463251705

Calphalon Cooking Essentials: 8353

Jenn Air: 720-0061-LP 720-0150-LP

Coleman: 9990-646

Charbroil: 4632153

Bakers And Chefs: 9803S

Sunshine: 4000

Bakers And Chefs: 9912T

Coleman: 5300

Grand Hall: 9803S

Charbroil: 463241904 463252205

Jenn Air: 720-0141-LP

Coleman: 5600

Jenn Air: 720-0142-LP 720-0063-LP

Coleman: 9990-142 9991-142

Bakers And Chefs: 9701D

Jenn Air: 720-0151-NG

Aussie: 8462

Charbroil: 463247504

Coleman: 5800

Nex: 720-0101

Virco: 720-0032

Coleman: 9992-646

Turbo: 4-burner 5-burner 3-burner

Sterling Forge: 720-0058 Chateau 720-0058

Centro: 5000RT 85-1211-0 (2004) 85-1251-4 (2004) G60104 G60105

Members Mark: 9803S 9905TB 9912T

Coleman: 5110 5310 9990-132D 9990-1420 9990-646D 9991-132

Glen Canyon: 720-0026 720-0145

Jenn Air: 720-0100

Kirkland: SKU681955

Nex: 681955 720-0145

Sterling Forge: Chateau 3304 Estate 2704

Members Mark: 5001D 5002D 9701D

Jenn Air: 720-0061 720-0062 720-0099 720-0141 720-0142 720-0150

Aussie: 7202BO-B21 7202BO-M41 7202KO-G21 7202 7262BO-B21 7262BO-M21 7262KO-G21 7262KOXG21 7262 7302-0-581 7302-2-581 7302KO-G11 7302 7352-2-581 7362B1XB11 7362BO-B11 7362BO-M11 7362KIXB41 7362KO-B11 7362KO-G11 7362KOXG11 7362 7402 7462BO-B11 7462BO-M11 7462K1-M11 7462KO-B11 7462KO-G11 7462

Nex: 720-0152-LP

Aussie: 8362-1XB51

Coleman: 9991-646

Nex: 720-0050-LP

Members Mark: Y0656 Y0655

Jenn Air: 750-0165

Coleman: 9990-141 9992-141

Glen Canyon: 720-0104-NG

Aussie: 8642-6-MR1 8642-7-MR1

Turbo: 720-0057-3B 720-0057-4B 750-0058-4BRB CG3CKW CG3CKWN CG3TCBN CG3TCBRN CG3TCN CG3TDBRN CG3TDN CG4CKW CG4TCBN CG4TCBRN CG4TCN CG4TDBRN CG4TDN CG5TCBN CG5TCBRN CG5TCN CG5TDBRN CG5TDN CK4CKWN Classic CG3TCBRN Classic CG3TCN Classic CG4TCBRN Classic CG4TCN Classic CG5TCBRN Classic CG5TCN Classic XG3TCN Classic XG4TCN Classic XG5TCN Elite CG3TDBRN Elite CG3TDN Elite CG4TDBRN Elite CG4TDN Elite CG5TDBRN Elite CG5TDN Elite XG3TDN Elite XG4TDN Elite XG5TDN STS 720-0057-3B STS 720-0057-4B STS 750-0058-4BRB XG3TCN XG3TDN XG4TCN XG4TDN XG5TCN XG5TDN Capt'n Cook CG3CKW Capt'n Cook CG3CKWN Capt'n Cook CG4CKW Capt'n Cook CK4CKWN

Capt'n Cook: CG3CKWN

Jenn Air: 720-0094

Centro: 85-1199-0 (2003) 85-1096-4 (2003)

Jenn Air: 720-0077

Nex: 720-0072 720-0074

Centro: G60100

Nex: 720-0096 720-0093

Jenn Air: 720-0077-lp

Glen Canyon: 720-0145-LP 720-0152-NG

Nex: 720-0039-LP

Bull: 47628

Nex: 720-0057

Turbo: STS 720-0057



Aussie: Elite 8462

Bull: 47629 Angus 4 Bramha 5

Centro: 85-1211-0 85-1251-4

Nex: 720-0057-3B 720-0057-4B

Sams: 5001D 5002D 9701D 9803S 9905TB 9912T Bakers & Chefs 9803S Bakers & Chefs Y0655 Bakers & Chefs Y0656 Y0655 Y0656

Turbo: 720-0057

Bakers And Chefs: 9905TB Y0655

Grand Hall: 5001D 5002D Y0655 Y0656

Nex: 720-0026 720-0058

Aussie: 2-burner 3-burner 4-burner 490 650 810

Beefeater: 2-burner 3-burner 4-burner 490 650 810

Outback: 2-burner 3-burner

Sunshine: 2-burner 3-burner 4-burner 490 650 810

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The dimensions for this part are: 15.75 x 2.875

Different manufacturers can have the exact same part number. A great way to check that the part matches your appliance is by ensuring your measurements are the same as ours! Please contact us if you need help.

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Part: MCM202330113

Category: Pipe Burners, Straight 16 1/16" to 15 3/4"

Part Description

Burner, pipe, ci, 15.75 x 2.875; aussie,


15.75 x 2.875


cast iron

Additional Information

Pipe ci 2 7/8x15 3/4 cast iron. stainless steel upgrade is part number cit-ss. cit overstock in w does not come with cotter pin.

This part is also known as:

MCM23301, BURNERNEX720-0150-LP, 9992A-5381, BURNERNEX720-0100-NG, CHRG60100069001, BURN720-0139-NG, 9992A5381, 9990-5381, 9990-5381, 5010000010, MAIN720-0039, 56-720-0063-LP, 12-720-0139, 12-720-0142, 59-720-0150, BURNER720-0063-LP, 23301, G60100069001, G601-0006-9001, 58720-0145, burner4000, 720-0145-LP-58, MCM202330113, 202330113, 1083984, 233S1, CIT, MCM233S1, QBP9990-5381, BURN7200139NG, BURNERNEX7200100NG

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