Part MCM606950119


      The parts for our ancient Grill Master BBQ arrived well packaged and ready to install. They fit perfectly! This is where we will get all of BBQ parts in the future.

August 17, 2014

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This part fits 179 models

Members Mark: Y0101XC

Grand Hall: Y0005XC-2 Y0005XC-1

Bakers And Chefs: Y0655 LPG

Members Mark: Y0660

Kenmore: 141.16327

Bakers And Chefs: Y0656

Members Mark: Y0202XC-NG

Bakers And Chefs: 9803S

Kenmore: 141.16325

Bakers And Chefs: 9912T

Brinkmann: 4040

Grand Hall: 9803S

Kenmore: 141.16321 141.16323 141.16326 141.163271 141.16329 141.163291 141.163292 141.16682 141.166821 141.16684 141.17326 141.173271 141.17327 141.17329 141.173291 141.173292 141.17682 141.17684

Bakers And Chefs: 9701D

Kenmore: 141.16233 141.16235 141.16671 141.16673

Grand Hall: Y0005XC

Members Mark: Y0202XC-LP Y0660-1 Y0660LP-2 Y0660LP Y0660NG-1 Y0660NG Y0669NG

Turbo: 4-burner 5-burner 3-burner

Brinkmann: 810-4040

Kenmore: 16235 16321 16323 16325 16327 16329 16682 16684 17327 17329 17682 17684 640-117694-117 16233

Members Mark: 9803S 9905TB 9912T 5001D 5002D 9701D Y0005XC Y0669

Aussie: 7202BO-B21 7202BO-M41 7202KO-G21 7202 7262BO-B21 7262BO-M21 7262KO-G21 7262KOXG21 7262 7302-0-581 7302-2-581 7302KO-G11 7302 7352-2-581 7362B1XB11 7362BO-B11 7362BO-M11 7362KIXB41 7362KO-B11 7362KO-G11 7362KOXG11 7362 7402 7462BO-B11 7462BO-M11 7462K1-M11 7462KO-B11 7462KO-G11 7462

Members Mark: Y0005XC-2

Kenmore: 141.163211 141.163231 141.163251

Members Mark: Y0656 Y0655 Y0005XC-1

Bakers And Chefs: Y0005XC-1

Grill Chef: PAT502

Kenmore: 141.16123 141.16313 141.16315

Kmart: 640-117694-117

Kenmore: 141.16313800 141.16315800

Onward: 224069

Broil-mate: 7382-89 7389-89

Sterling: 5382-89

Grillpro: 238289

Life@home: PH603SB

Broil-mate: 738289 738989

Grillpro: 224069

Sams: 04ALP 5001D 5002D 9701D 9803S 9905TB 9912T Bakers & Chefs 9803S Bakers & Chefs Y0655 Bakers & Chefs Y0656 Members Mark Regal 04ALP Members Mark Y0005XC-2 Members Mark Y0101XC Members Mark Y0202XC Members Mark Y0202XCLP Members Mark Y0202XCNG Members Mark Y0660 Members Mark Y0669 Regal 04ALP Y0005XC Y0005XC-1 Y0005XC-2 Y0101XC Y0101XC Members Mark Y0202XCLP Y0202XCNG Y0655 Y0656 Y0660 Y0660-1 Y0660LP Y0660LP-2 Y0660NG Y0660NG-1 Y0669NG

Saturn: JH665SB

Sterling: 538289

Bakers And Chefs: 9905TB Y0655

Grand Hall: 5001D 5002D Y0101XC Y0202XCLP Y0202XCNG Y0655 Y0656 Y0660 Y0660-1 Y0660LP Y0660LP-2 Y0660NG Y0660NG-1 Y0669NG

Members Mark: Regal 04ALP Y0202XCLP Y0202XCNG

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The dimensions for this part are: 19 x 6.125

Different manufacturers can have the exact same part number. A great way to check that the part matches your appliance is by ensuring your measurements are the same as ours! Please contact us if you need help.

$55.24 In Stock

Part: MCM606950119

Category: Rectangular Cooking Grids, 22 3/4” to 19”

Part Description

Grid, ci, 19 x 6.125; aussie, sams, turb


19 x 6.125

Quantity In Pack


Additional Information

19 x 6-1/8

This part is also known as:

MCM69501, P01615028E, 69501, MCM606950119

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This product is normally stocked in our Canada warehouse.