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Filter with grid, cut to fit 15 x 24


15 inches x 24 inches

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Additional Information

Was 1779. ****if this filter is listed for your model it means your original filter is no longer available and this is only filter available.****

Universal filter with grid, cut to fit 15 x 24. please measure to ensure fit.

This part is also known as:

L10362, CRC111408110002, CRC111408110003, CRC111408110004, CRC112118650001, CRC112502570001, CRC112800820002, CRC112802570001, CRC113900770001, CRC113900830001, CRC114000350001, CRCA7301-070-A-BS, CRCL10363, A7301-070-A-BS, CRCL10362, CRCA7301-070, 52BQ500473, 111408110002, 111408110003, 111408110004, 112118650001, 112502570001, 112800820002, 112802570001, 113900770001, 113900830001, 114000350001, L10363, CRCL10364, CRCL10366, L10364, CRCL10365, L10365, L10366, CRCL10361, L10361, A7301-070, WJ85X170, WJ85X0170, GEHWJ85X170, CWD00225, GEHWJ85X174, 3101902100, GEHWK85X10010, CWD00180A, 5304447999, 3111906100, 1779, FRG5304447999, KK1000, 859236, WJ85X174, WK85X10010, GEHWJ85X170TEMP, WJ85X170TEMP, FRG5304447999TEMP, 5304447999TEMP

This part fits 1104 models

Air Temp: B-101 B-101-A B-123 B-123-A B-123-B B1A07W2A B1A10W2A B1A10W7A B1B12W7A B2Q06F2A B2Q06F2A-A

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