Part CRC50110056N001


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October 31, 2014

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Part: CRC50110056N001

Category: Motors and Blades

Part Description

Fan motor

Additional Information

Old # crc111490000008. replaces 111490000001. the factory is no longer available on this. airwell is no longer available on this part. rc nla tri nla mar nla

Fan motor replaces 111490000001, 111490000006, 111490000008, 50110056n001, crc111490000001, crc111490000006, and crc111490000008

This part is also known as:

CRC111490000001, CRC111490000003, 111490000006, CRC111490000006, CRC50110056N001, 111490000001, 111490000003, CRC111490000008, 111490000008, 50110056N001, CRC50110054N001, 50110054N001

This part fits 444 models

Air Temp: B1Q05F2A-H B1Q05F2A-J B1Q05F2A-K B1Q05F2A-L B1Q05F2C B1Q05F2C-A B1Q05F2C-B B1Q05F2C-C B1Q05F2C-D B1Q05F2C-E B1Q05F2C-F

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