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December 22, 2014

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Part: MCM000350003

Category: Igniter Wire

Part Description

Ignitor wire

Additional Information

Ig-1b. mhp na... total length 36 1/8"

This part fits 173 models

Backyard Classic: BY12-084-029-98 BY13-101-001-13 GBC1255W

Brinkmann: 810-3250-F 810-3250-W 810-3330-S Evanston

Broil King: 94244 94247 95244 95247 95294 95297 Crown 4 Regal 4 Sovereign 30

Broil-mate: 1343-24 13724

Charbroil: 463720109 463720112 463720412 463721111 463722412 463722711 463722712 463722713 463723912 463724313 C-23G3CB

Chargriller: 2001 2020

Cuisinart: 85-3030-8 85-3031-6 C550S

Dyna-glo: DCP480CSP

Great Outdoors: TG560

Grill Master: HG6601SP SG3500HPB SG6501YPB SG7621YPB SG9622SPBX ST9622SPBX

Jenn Air: JA460 JA461 JA461P JA480 JA580

Kenmore: 119.1614421 119.16433010 119.16434010

Master Chef: 280SLP 405LP 85-1208 85-1618-4 85-3003-4 85-3052-6 G20501 G30531LP G43406 G43702 S280LP T360

Outdoor Gourmet: CG3023E GD430

Prochef: 5023 5023-B 5023-PL 5023B 5023PL 5025PI 5623 5623B 5623B-PL 5623BPL 6023 6023B 6623 6623B 6625 6923 6923B 6925 6925B 8823 8823B 8825 8825B

Sunbeam: HG6601SP HG7621YPB SG6501EP SG6601SPB SG6601SPBX SG7521YPB SG7621SP SG9622SPBX SG9622YPB SG9622YPBX-S ST3521SPBX ST6501EPB ST7521E ST7521YPB ST7521YPBX

Uniflame: GBC1030W GBC1030WRS GBC1030WRS-C GBC1059WB-C GBC1059WE-C GBC1117W GBC1117WB GBC1134W GBC1134WRS GBC621C SG380 SG380-2

Vermont Castings: CF9030 CF9050 CF9055 CF9055 3A CF9055 3B CF9056 CF9080 CF9085 CF9085 3A CF9085 3B CF9086 Experience Extreme Extreme Built-in Extreme Limited Edition Marvel Sizzler Sizzler Built-in VC30 VC3505 VC500 VCS3000 VCS3500BI VCS3505 VCS3505BI VCS4000 VCS4005 VCS4005C VCS4006 VCS4106 VCS500 VCS5000 VCS5000BI VCS5005 VCS5005BI VCS5006 VCS5006BI VCS5010 VCS5016 VCS5026 VCS5036 VCS6005 VCS6006 VM400 VM400XBP VM400XVP VM406 VM448 VM450 VM45055P VM450SSP VM456 VM508 VM600 VM600VSP VM606 VM658 VSC5005BI VSC5010

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