When you are looking for your model number you need to find the serial tag on your appliance as this is the best way to ensure you have the full and correct model number. Names like Series 100, 200, Profile, Neptune, Gold and XL44 may appear to be the model at first glance, but finding the serial tag will give you the correct model number for finding parts with.

Here is an example of what your appliance serial tag may look like

Various manufacturers serial tags will both look different, and be found in different places. When you find your serial tag, remember to copy down all the information included as some appliance brands may require the extra information supplied on the tag, to give you the correct information or part you require.

Common information found on a tag may include:
Series numbers, i.e. Series 04
B/M numbers, i.e. B/M# AH59A
P numbers or Manufacture numbers
Some Kenmore model numbers may use a space instead of a hyphen i.e. 110 3456789 would be 110-3456789

Do not try and use energy guide stickers or sales receipts to find your model number as these generally only have a shortened version of the number on them. Care and usage manuals are also not a good way to find your model number as they are usually produced to cover multiple model types.

Common appliances and their serial tag placement.

Dishwasher Range hood
Microwave Top fridge
Range Side by side fridge
Wall oven (single) Neptune Super Stack
Wall oven (double) Stack
Downdraft range Electric or gas cooktop
Washer (top load) Downdraft cooktop
Dryer -consol top Compactor
Dryer -flat top Disposer

February 20th, 2010

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